Kad Merad settles accounts with his ex-sidekick Olivier Baroux!

Kad Merad settles accounts with his ex-sidekick Olivier Baroux!

Would there be water in the gas between Olivier Baroux and Kad Merad? Although the two remain longtime friends, yet it is not impossible that their relationship will deteriorate. Especially since it has been many years since they offered a sketch to their fans. In effect, Kad and O made their television debut together and are best known for their famous Kamoulox. But over the years, each took a different path. That of actor for the companion of Julia Vignali, and director for his friend. And since… almost nothing.

At least as far as a possible collaboration and a new duo sketch is concerned. An “absence” which precisely challenged Thomas Sotto in Telematin. The journalist asked Olivier Baroux why he had never called Kad Merad to play in the Tuches for example. “JI have other plans for him. At some point, he has his plans, I have my plans and I know it would be complicated, because The Tuches are very complicated to achieve”he confided before adding: There are a lot of actors, a lot of actresses, so Kad in the middle of all that… He was in the 1 moreover, he made a short appearance, but I said to him: ‘Leave me alone with Les Tuche ‘. We will do things together; but he would obviously love it, I know him. But no, it’s not possible”.

“Bad faith, lies, malice”

But a possible collaboration would be even less likely to see the light of day with the latest statements from Julia Vignali’s companion. Indeed, this Monday, July 11 on the airwaves of RTLKad Merad “intervened” through a voice message while Olivier Baroux was on set to promote his film Liar. Olivier Baroux has been lying to me for 30 years”then dropped the actor before giving an example of what he was saying: we had appointments. Often, with productions, radios, we did radio at the time. I arrive at the appointment at 8am. Olivier is not there, I call him, I say: ‘Olivier we have an appointment’. Him: ‘It’s ok, I’m leaving my house, it’s ok, it’s ok, I’m coming’. “I shouldn’t have called him to tell him to hurry up because he’s coming anyway. It’s bad faith, lies, mythomania, malevolence ; he’s an unbearable being, ahhhhh! It disgusts me just to mention his name”.

A situation that was well and truly confirmed by the principal concerned: “Indeed, for ten years, I had this nasty defect of arriving late and leaving my house at the time of the appointment and I invented everything and anything”. Although Kad Merad was humorous in his message, his ex-acolyte still admitted that at the time, the actor used a different tone: “And at some point, he took me between four eyes, Kad and he said to me: ‘You have to stop being late, because it’s not going to do it’. Since that day, I’ve been on time”.

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