Familles nombreuses : Un enfant empoisonné, ses parent n'ont pas les bons gestes

Large families: A poisoned child, his parents do not have the right gestures

Justine Cordule, candidate for the program Families large, life in XXL, launched a post on Instagram on July 9. She said some pretty scary news. The mother of the family indeed thought that her son Lubin had swallowed detergent pods. She then made gestures that were absolutely not necessary. Luckily she called the poison control center who intervened immediately. The details of this little story…

Justine Cordule from Large Families shared news on social media

Big scare during the holidays for Justine Cordule, candidate for Large Families, life in XXL. On Saturday July 9, she announced worrying news on Instagram. She spoke in story to reveal a small mishap. It was about one of her seven children, Lubin, who was in serious condition.

Justine Cordule, of Large Families, Life in XXL, said they were piling up serious right now. It was as if someone had cast a spell on them. She regretted that it was not possible. The mother then explained that, the night before last, Lubin did a big stupid thing. She didn’t talk about it immediately because they were really worried. They didn’t do the right thing. In a word, they did not know how to make the right gestures.

Little Lubin seems to have swallowed detergent pods

Lubin indeed opened the kitchen cupboard of their mobile home while his parents had diverted their attention. He then found detergent pods. The little boy thought they were treats. He kept telling his mother during the day, that the pods looked like slime. The latter is a sticky and malleable dough that children like very much.

And suddenly the child started screaming. It looked like he took a pod and munched it. Justine Cordule, candidate for Large Families, life in XXL, then put the child in the shower. She washed his body where there was lye. Then she gave him cleaned the mouth. Lubin was sick and he threw up.

Large families: what Justine Cordule should have done

The wife of Steve Cordule, of Large Families, Life in XXL, then cleaned the child’s mouth. Then she gave him something to drink. But it didn’t have to be that way. She called the poison control center. Indeed, they should not have made him vomit and make him drink. She should have just take a damp cloth and clean the mouth.

The person from the poison control center then indicated to feed the child dry biscuits which will absorb the product that he could have swallowed. He must also be made to sleep sitting up and supervised throughout the night. Fortunately, for this tribe of large families, life in XXL, Lubin found his form in the early morning. He therefore did not swallow detergent pods.

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