Dustin et STranger Things dans l'Upside Down à l'abri des Demobats

Metallica pays homage to Stranger Things with a memorable duet

The metal band thanks the series and the community in its own way with a video that sends heavy!

The Duffer Brothers’ series has had its share of epic scenes set to music from the 80s. Running Up That Hill of Kate Bush giving rise to one of television’s most iconic moments, the second part of Stranger Things left pop behind to honor good vintage metal. It was on the side of Metallica that the directors went to draw, and the result was masterful. If you haven’t seen the last two episodes of Stranger Things 4 : watch out for spoilers!

headband spoilers

The integration of the song Master of Puppets from Metallica was done to perfection. While Eddie Munson has traveled to the Upside Down with the rest of the band, he uses his guitar skills to lure out the Demobats protecting Vecna’s mansion. Eddie being the “game master” from the part of Dungeons & Dragons of the Hellfire Club, his role as master here takes on a whole new dimension. He finds himself controlling the monsters that become his puppets: the circle is complete.

A collaboration that benefits everyone

Unfortunately, this heroic act will end up costing him his life in a scene that will not have failed to draw tears from us. This nevertheless makes it a cult scene, so it will be difficult to separate the character from the song for a long time. A few days ago, the group thanked the Duffer brothers for including this music in the series, but above all for making it such an important moment.

But to the delight of fans of the series and the group, Metallica did not stop at mere thanks. It is on Tiktok that the musicians lent themselves to the game to interpret their music alongside Eddie Munson. We then obtain an extraordinary duo that gives us chills.

The Duffer brothers took advantage of this nice gift from the group to show the performance of Joseph Quinn practicing to play the cult title on the guitar. Although the actor didn’t perform the snippet you hear on the show, he practiced imitating chords and string playing so that the physical performance is faithful to the soundtrack (a very rare thing in movies and series).

The attention to detail for this scene was therefore very special knowing that the sound performance was provided by Kirk Hammett, guitarist of the band as well as Tye Trujillo, son of the bass player. For the directors, the choice of this music was obvious. Like Kate Bush’s song, this title was already included in the preproduction projects and the team of the series did everything to obtain the rights as soon as possible. The efforts will have paid off and this collaboration was worth the effort.

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