Prince George speechless!  Kate and William's son shocked by Kyrgios' behavior at Wimbledon

Prince George speechless! Kate and William’s son shocked by Kyrgios’ behavior at Wimbledon

It may not be the final everyone was waiting for, but the match between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon kept all its promises. While many hoped to see the Serb face his lifelong rival, Rafael Nadal, the latter had to forfeit the semi-finals due to a serious abdominal injury. A twist of fate that made one happy, since the 27-year-old Australian was propelled to the final to everyone’s surprise. After winning the first set brilliantly, Costen Hatzi’s companion couldn’t really go the distance against the tennis legend.

After 3 hours of match and 4 sets, Novak Djokovic ended up winning after a good match and he even had the honor of meeting the royal family and in particular Prince George, very happy to be here. Always so expressive, the 8-year-old boy apparently had a good time alongside his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, but an event in the match troubled him somewhat. Known for his excesses of anger and his propensity to unpin at any time during the game, Nick Kyrgios did it again by attacking his camp in the stands.

More than 4,000 euros fine for Kyrgios!

While in bad shape, the Australian turned to his girlfriend and sister, shouting at them “Do you give a shit about it?”, complaining about their lack of support. A rather inappropriate attitude since everyone could hear the insult and in particular Prince George, placed behind him in the stands. According to information from the English media The Sun, the young boy was rather shocked to hear such words from the mouth of the tennis player.

For his behavior, Nick Kyrgios was fined just under 4,000 euros, but with more than 1.2 million euros in winnings at Wimbledon, that shouldn’t really be a problem for him!

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