This photo of Laeticia Hallyday with Jalil Lespert in ultra tight jeans worries internet users!

This photo of Laeticia Hallyday with Jalil Lespert in ultra tight jeans worries internet users!

Laeticia Hallyday has found her native south! For a few days, the widow of Johnny has indeed put down his suitcases in the Hérault, the department which saw him born. Happy to have found the sea air, during a walk in the city of Marseillan, the mother of Jade and Joy improvised a photo session by the sea alongside her darling Jalil Lespert.

Clichés that Laeticia Hallyday unveiled on her Instagram account on Saturday July 9, and which she captioned as follows: “It is always so beneficial to return to the roots. I am still transported by the beauty of this region, the lands of my childhood here when we take a break and walk through the villages, the Thau pond or on the pier at the port of Marseillan, each corner of street where there is an incredible intensity. Poetry too… we feed on its energy, we enjoy its cuisine, we love its noises, its smells, its festive and generous atmosphere. We meet all these people, producers, chefs, merchants… sharing it with the family is essential”. A touching text… But Internet users have especially commented on the physique of the beautiful blonde! And for good reason, according to them, Laeticia Hallyday has lost extremely weight!

“More and more skinny”

While the publication of Laeticia Hallyday accumulates hundreds of comments… Many are related to her physique! “More and more skinny”, “Return to anorexia”, “A bag of bones, we only see his teeth”, “You have to get a little fat”, “A lot too thin”, can we read on the social network. Comments to which the mother of Jade and Joy prefers not to pay attention. As they say, silence is the best of contempt.

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