Top 8 Explanations Behind Anime Character Looks

Top 8 Explanations Behind Anime Character Looks

Very often, we discover anecdotes about cartoon characters from our childhood years later. The physical appearance of the characters is rarely left to chance: whether in terms of their features or their clothes, there are sometimes stories hidden behind the looks of our favorite characters.

1. Stewie Griffin’s face in “Family Guy”

You thought Stewie was born with a head shaped like a rugby ball? Well no, this cranial deformation is the result of a stupid accident when Stewie was very young. As Brian had to watch the little boy, he told him to be careful as he jumped on the bed, but Stewie didn’t care and hit the ceiling so hard that he hit his head. Since then, his skull is oval.

2. The appearance of Smurfette in “The Smurfs”

In one of the first comics The Smurfs and in an episode of the cartoon, we find out where Smurfette comes from. She was created by Gargamel using a magic potion in order to help him find the Smurfs’ village. At first, she has messy black hair and finds herself ugly. Fortunately, Papa Smurf saves her by giving her a new appearance. In fact, she just went blonde and wears makeup and heels. It was very sexist this story casually.

3. Timmy’s teeth in “The Fairly OddParents”

In the episode The Good Old Days!, Timmy’s grandfather comes to babysit him because his parents have better things to do once again. The child then remembers that it is because of him that he has very prominent teeth. Indeed, the grandfather had already taken care of him when he was a baby and the parents had specified that the pacifier should not be left in Timmy’s mouth for too long to prevent his teeth from advancing. Not cool grandpa.

4. Osselait’s skull mask in “Pokemon”

Osselait is a very cute Pokemon that walks around with a bone in its hand and a skull-shaped helmet. In fact, the skull is that of his mother who died during his birth and Osselait wears it like a protective helmet. It must be a hell of a lot less effective than therapy to get over the death of his mother.

5. The clothes inherited from the family in “La Cour de récré”

Do not expect extraordinary revelations in this point, I will just give you very trivial anecdotes. Like episodes of The playground always take place at school, we don’t really know the families of the characters. However, sometimes they talk about it. Thus, we know that Spinelli’s big black boots belong to her older brother and that she wears them to feel closer to him. Along the same lines, Gus is also known to keep this unflattering haircut because his dad has the exact same one.

6. The Marsupilami’s navel

At first glance, we do not make the connection but after reflection, we wonder why the Marsupilami has a navel while its species lays eggs. According to Franquin, the navel of the Marsupilami has no connection with the birth of the baby but with the transmission of knowledge. To learn something, such as making a nest, the little one will cling to its mother’s navel and suddenly learn a new skill.

We agree, it makes absolutely no sense.

7. Manu’s sandals in “Titeuf”

Titeuf’s best friend ALWAYS wears sandals with socks, so much so that it has become a running gag in comics and cartoons. However, Manu has not always worn sandals (yes, it’s crazy). In the first volume of the comic strip, Manu appears in some strips in sandals, but in others he has brown dress shoes. Fortunately, the boy quickly chooses to wear only sandals with blue socks, for our greatest happiness.

8. The shape of the children’s heads in “Phineas and Ferb”

Phineas and Ferb’s characters all have different and unlikely skull shapes. There has never been an official explanation but several people have noticed a detail (it remains a theory, chances are it was just a coincidence). Ferb’s head looks like a F and that of Phineas resembles a triangle but also a P if we count his body, like the first letter of their respective first names. If she turns her head the right way, we can also consider that Candice’s head looks like a VS.


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