your daily horoscope for Monday July 11, 2022

your daily horoscope for Monday July 11, 2022

This Monday, July 11, 2022, the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. This sign is located just before that of Capricorn and it is the obligatory passage of the luminary of the night in its race towards the Full Moon on Wednesday July 13, 2022.

The Sagittarius sign is recognized in the zodiac for its optimism and joie de vivre. The moon in this sign has a tendency to expand. Everything is amplified under its effects, the good and the bad.

Expect to have a few days of Drama Queen, but also be very eager to have fun and live life.

Venus, which is in the sign of Gemini until July 18, 2022, opposes the Moon and makes sentimental and romantic relationships tense.

Be prepared not to give in to internal emotional conflicts that could affect your emotional bonds.

Good day under the blue sky! Discover your daily horoscope for July 11, 2022.

Daily horoscope for Monday July 11, 2022: love, health, work…


This morning you will be optimistic and full of energy. Take advantage of this energy to lift the spirits of the people around you. The best gift you have to give to others is your own joy!


Uranus conjunct the North Node in your sign makes you think about the meaning of life and what you want to achieve in your time on earth. A need for freedom will be present today. Follow him.


Strong emotional instability could make you doubt your choices and decisions lately. Don’t let insecurity make you reconsider your convictions. You are the master of your life.


You are in somatization today because of the Moon. Your body speaks what your mind does not. If you control your discomfort, it will stay inside you and your body will pay the price. Take your anxieties outside of you.


The Moon and Jupiter allow you to express your creativity in a positive and joyful way today. This day is ideal for showing the world what you are capable of.


This day finds you intimate, and philosophical. A need to explore your internal world may appear, and it must be followed. The Moon in Sagittarius in your home zone will make you feel right at home.


Your received ideas about love can cause you to miss someone or something that could be a source of joy and pleasure. Be careful not to remain within prohibitions in order to be able to savor destiny.


Your sex appeal is strong today, but be careful, because Venus is in a tense aspect to the Moon in Sagittarius and this could complicate things emotionally. Keep it simple and don’t try to get noticed. Your natural charm will suffice.


The Moon in your sign boosts your morale one hundred percent. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, in the sign of Aries complements this fire within you and inspires you to conquer the world today.


Your work is a little too much at the center of your concerns today. Release the pressure a little. Look for the pleasure that brings you the job you have chosen, without giving in to the social demands that surround it.


Saturn and Venus make contact with the Moon today that could make you doubt your feelings for someone. Saturn will bring some reason to the equation and keep you from jumping to conclusions.


Neptune, Pluto and the Sun make you want to travel through your imagination and get out of the depths of your soul escaped sensations that will surprise you. Take advantage of this internal journey to bring a little more beauty back into this world.

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