A "first school of influencers"?  Why the Ambaza site raises questions

A “first school of influencers”? Why the Ambaza site raises questions

The Ambaza platform presents itself as the “first school of influencers” and offers 28-hour training at 1200 euros. Attention, vigilance is required.

Getaway in a yacht or a private plane, a helicopter ride, a round of golf and a glass of champagne. This is how the Ambaza site sells the life of influencers in its presentation video, which recently went viral on Twitter.

The site claims to be the “first school for influencers”. Thanks to a 28-hour training via videoconference calls, Ambaza promises 20,000 subscribers and an income of 5,000 euros per month per influencer.

On the site, the training is said to be “open to everyone, even those who do not yet have an Instagram account”. With a total amount of 1,200 euros, the training can be financed “up to 100%” for “the profiles that interest us”, assures the company. In light of the information gathered by BFMTV, this offer should be taken with great care.

Ambaza screenshot
Ambaza screenshot © BFMTV

A domain name registered in the Bahamas

In the legal notices, it is stated that the site is published by a company, called “Consumedias” and registered in Malta. Its leader is called Nicolas Brzustowski. On his LinkedIn profile, he presents himself as “Entrepreneur”, “Digital marketing expert” and “Crypto investor”. Contacted by BFMTV, the Consumedias company has not yet responded.

Screenshot of the Ambaza site, which claims to be "first school of influencers"
Screenshot of the Ambaza site, which claims to be the “first school of influencers” © BFMTV

The domain name, meanwhile, is registered in the Bahamas, according to the IQWhois site.

The general conditions of use do not inspire more confidence. Ambaza specifies that it does not give “any guarantee as to the topicality, accuracy, completeness, ease of use or fitness for a certain purpose of the content” on its platforms. The company also encourages Internet users to “accept that Ambaza platforms and services and their content […] are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.”

Despite its claims, Ambaza does not lead by example on social networks. The site is not present on Twitter or Instagram – a platform that is adored by aspiring influencers. His YouTube account, which totals only 5 videos, has only been active since June 2, 2022. His Facebook page has no subscribers.

Dubious sites to promote it

On Google, the result of the search for the term “Ambaza” leads to the official site of the company, followed by two other sites, at first sight independent, highlighting its formation.

The first pretends to be the site of the Cnam (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts) in Haute-Normandie. But the visual identity has nothing to do with the traditional red and white colors used by the public institution, which depends on the ministry in charge of Higher Education.

Screenshot of Google results linked to the Ambaza site
Screenshot of Google results linked to the Ambaza site © BFMTV

The legal notices of the site indicate that it is operated by a private company, called “Premier Contact”, whose head office is located in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne). According to its statutes, the company was created on May 16, 2022. The site has no link with the official Cnam Normandie site.

The second site is called “Quai des entrepreneurs” and uses the same Ambaza argument. Its domain name is surprisingly registered in the same place as Ambaza, in the Bahamas, again according to IQWhois. In the “site contact” section, two telephone numbers are indicated: the first is not assigned, the second systematically refers to a standardized messaging system.

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