A year after the cannibalistic texting case, Armie Hammer is said to have become a home salesman in the Cayman Islands

A year after the cannibalistic texting case, Armie Hammer is said to have become a home salesman in the Cayman Islands

Armie Hammer attends a press conference. (New York, March 17, 2019.) Abaca

The magazine TMZ revealed on Saturday, July 9, that the fallen actor was indeed working at a hotel in the Caribbean.

No, Armie Hammer is not a concierge in a hotel, hammered his lawyer Andrew Brettler in the columns of variety, Wednesday, July 6. Only downside, three days later, the magazine TMZ revealed that the actor does indeed work for the Morritt, a hotel establishment located in the Cayman Islands. According to the tabloid, the actor, who fell into disgrace at the start of 2021 in the context of the cannibal texting affair, would have made his conversion. He would thus officiate as a seller of timeshare properties (contractual offers, supposed to make it possible to benefit, one to several weeks per year, from a holiday residence).

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Evidenced by the pictures revealed by the media, on which the actor wears a blue polo shirt and addresses a couple. According to an unnamed source, the actor was touting local vacation properties at the time. He would thus have proposed to his potential clients to invest in a timeshare residence for 2,000 dollars (1,900 euros) per week or 21,000 dollars (20,000 euros) per decade.

The scene allegedly took place on June 29, at the Morritt’s offices. During this period, the hero of Call Me By Your Name (2017) had previously been spotted near the premises, dressed in his vendor uniform. Armie Hammer’s spokesperson was quick to say that he was just visiting a staff member. What was later confirmed TMZ.

Discovery day

The tabloid had however indicated that, according to a resident, the actor was in his office “several hours a day” and had been seen near the premises on the occasion of multiple cigarette breaks. Christopher Butcher, the Morritt’s sales manager, clarified the situation in the columns of the Daily Beast. “Armie Hammer lives in Grand Cayman,” he said on July 6. A member of my staff plays golf with him, and he just came to spend a day with him to find out what we are doing. However, Christopher Butcher would not be resistant to the idea of ​​hiring the actor. “If it generated so much publicity, then maybe!” he exclaimed.

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“I still can’t get over it”

It all started with a viral tweet posted by producer Muna Mire, which has since been deleted. The latter had shared the photo of a flyer on which appeared the face of Armie Hammer, and where one could read: “I am your personal concierge and I am here to help you make the most of your vacation. Sincerely, Armie.” A photograph with the caption: “My friend’s parents went on vacation to the Cayman Islands and Armie Hammer was their concierge. I still can’t get over it.” The actor’s entourage was quick to deny these remarks.

Flyer image shared by producer Muna Mire. Screenshot Twitter/@Muna_Mire

Cannibal text messages

It’s been a year and a half since Armie Hammer fell into disgrace. In January 2021, text exchanges, in which he confided his fantasies of rape and cannibalism to several women, were brought to light. Testimonials had also multiplied on social networks. “I am 100% cannibal, he would have written to one of his “kittens”, nickname given to those he approached virtually. I want to eat you. M**de. It’s scary to admit it.” Or again: “I would like to mark you, tattoo you, shave your head and keep your hair with me. Cut off a piece of your skin and ask you to cook it for me…Tell you to open your veins and use the blood as a lubricant.”

Courtney Vucekovitch, founder of a mobile beauty app, testified openly. Her relationship with Armie Hammer is said to have lasted from June to August 2020. She describes him as an “apprentice Hannibal Lecter”. “He told me he wanted to break a rib for me to barbecue and eat,” she explained. Before adding: “He likes the idea of ​​the skin against his teeth.” In July 2020, Armie Hammer and his wife Elizabeth Chambers announced their separation in an Instagram statement. In May 2021, the actor had also entered rehab for his problems with “drugs, alcohol, and sex”. He was released seven months later, and has since found love in the arms of a “dentist on the island”.


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