Adriana Karembeu, her divorce with Christian Karembeu: she reveals why she left

Adriana Karembeu, her divorce with Christian Karembeu: she reveals why she left

Their meeting was suddenly love at first sight. In 1996, the paths of Christian and Adriana Karembeu crossed for the first time on an airplane. Very quickly, they ended up forming one of the most glamorous couples on the planet people. And this, for almost 15 years. But the ex-soccer player and beautiful model caused a stir in 2011 announcing their separation.

It was Christian Karembeu who took the lead during his appearance on RTL, in Flavie Flament’s show All the pleasure is oursadmitting that her ex was going to make the headlines with an interview for Paris Match, expected the next day. “Adriana announces our separation“, he soberly warned.

And indeed, during a long interview, Adriana Karembeu poured out the reasons for their divorce that no one had seen coming. “The truth is that I never cheated on my husband, but Christian and I have been separated for several months. It’s me who left“, she revealed at the time. And to clarify: “I couldn’t stand the existence we were leading any longer. When my husband stopped playing, he started living at 300 an hour, and I couldn’t keep up. We got lost without doing it on purpose. We couldn’t find each other. We no longer had a couple life. Everyone must go their own way. I preferred to leave so as not to ruin everything, not to damage our memories.”

My husband didn’t make me happy anymore

This is how Adriana Karembeu was able to keep in mind a beautiful relationship, which brought her a lot of happiness. “Christian, it’s my blood, it’s my family. I will always want to watch over him, just as I will always have feelings for him. I was really born in 1996, the year I met him on the Milan-Paris flight. I found the love I had been looking for for so many years. (…) Sometimes I am overwhelmed by memories. However, the truth is that my husband didn’t make me happy anymore“, she admitted. Despite the pain caused by this break, Adriana Karembeu already felt “enough energy to start another life“.

And it’s with Aram Ohanianwhom she married in 2014 and with whom she had a little girl named Nina (3 years old) that she decided to continue on her way. Christian Karembeu has also since rebuilt his life with the Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun. The couple had two daughters, Gaïa (born September 2017) and Alessia (born January 2020). The ex-athlete is also the father of Inès, born in 1995 from a first union.

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