After Portugal, she flies away on vacation in very charming company...

After Portugal, she flies away on vacation in very charming company…

After a season full of laughs, clashes, twists and turns, buzz and audience records, the entire team at Do not touch My TV enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Kelly Vedovelli notably set sail at the end of June for the south of Portugal with a few girlfriends. In addition to afternoons at the beach sunbathing, the beautiful blonde went to a music festival where she was able to attend the performances of singers such as Burna Boy, Dadju or Chris Brown. A stay of which she has very fond memories and which she was able to share with her subscribers through dozens of photos and videos. Subsequently, the young woman left to recharge her batteries with her family.

Tuesday July 12, the ex-djette published a video of her waiting for her plane in the lounge at Charles de Gaulle airport. Where will she fly to? It’s a mystery ! However, we know that she is not going alone. In addition to her pet, the columnist filmed the person who will travel with her. And this is Benjamin Castaldi.

“I think I’m going on vacation with Benjamin. We decided to take a road trip. He surprised me”she said in her story of the day. “A Flying Surprise”, first dropped the facilitator. “Something a bit fun (…) à la Kim Kardashian”. It will be necessary to wait a little bit before knowing where the duo has decided to go.

Kelly Vedovelli and Benjamin Castaldi are very close. So close, that on May 17, Kelly had made an indiscreet revelation about the intimate life of his friend in front of Cyril Hanouna and their comrades. “Every morning, Benjamin makes love with his wife, because in the evening and at night he has no time. When the baby is sleeping soundly, this is the time when he can conduct experiments with his wife” . Something to make the presenter of 6 to 7 uncomfortable.

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