Amazon Prime Day 2022 – The real promotions in smartphones and connected watches

Amazon Prime Day 2022 – The real promotions in smartphones and connected watches

Amazon’s Prime Day, which takes place this year on July 12 and 13, allows you to buy a new smartphone at a lower cost. We have selected the essentials and disentangled the real good deals from the fake bargains.

Do you (you) want to offer a new smartphone or a connected watch? Amazon’s Prime Day gives you the opportunity on July 12 and 13. Be careful not to make a mistake about the model, but also to avoid false good plans. It is not because such a product is put forward during these days of commercial operation that it is necessarily an excellent deal. Our mobility experts have gone through the different offers in order to identify the best and REAL good deals for you at the moment.

Please note that these offers are exclusively reserved for Amazon Prime members. However, the distribution giant gives potential buyers the opportunity to benefit from a free 30-day trial, usable during the two days of Prime Day, for those who have never benefited from it.


The Galaxy A52 5G is certainly a smartphone as attractive as it is frustrating. Its 120 Hz Oled screen is excellent, its performance and autonomy rival in quality, its finishes are a delight.

The Samsung Galaxy M32 is a smartphone that offers an excellent screen, but also a very good battery life. It will therefore bring satisfaction if these criteria are the most important in your choice.

With the Honor 50, the Chinese brand offers a rather balanced smartphone. Equipped with a very nice screen and a powerful chip, it offers the performance that we are entitled to expect from a device of its ilk.


The Withings ScanWatch does not disappoint. The watch is first and foremost an elegant everyday object, with a sophisticated design, which is proudly displayed on your wrist. It is also a relevant sports watch, whose heart rate measurements do not have much to envy to those provided by a specialized object.

Elegant with its large Amoled screen and its softened lines, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is perfecting itself and is still very good value for money for anyone who wants to take advantage of a discreet and relatively complete connected bracelet.

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