Anti-hunting associations could receive millions of euros in September

Anti-hunting associations could receive millions of euros in September

Social networks and the internet in general have been in turmoil since this weekend around the Z-Event which will take place next September and which could well offer a large sum to associations whose only fight is to be deeply anti-hunting.

What is the Z-Event?

The Z-Event is a charity event organized by Adrien Nougaret, better known under the pseudonym Zerator, a web entrepreneur who made a name for himself in the world of video games on the Twitch broadcasting platform in particular. This charity event brings together more or less fifty animators from this same platform with the aim of collecting donations during a marathon broadcast.

To put it simply, it’s a form of Théléthon on the internet for the benefit of a different association each year.

This event had relatively little visibility in its beginnings but since the players demonstrated that they were able to raise up to 10 million euros for the benefit of an association (Action against Hunger) during the last edition, the media now take the event and the participants seriously.

The media but not only since many associations now hope to be able to one day be the elected representative of such an event.

Why is the 2022 edition of the Z-Event causing a lot of ink to flow?

This year, the Z-Event organization has decided to choose a cause focused on protecting the planet and has therefore selected an association related to this objective.

The Goodplanet association was the first choice for this 2022 edition, but when the name of this association was publicly announced, Internet users quickly pointed out several points that could pose a problem. Indeed, this association seems to maintain close links with large multinational companies that can hardly be associated with the protection of the environment. She would also promote obscure principles that are supposed to benefit the environment like biodynamic agriculture.

These elements spread on social networks therefore caused a real outcry which led the organization of the Z-Event to question its choice. At the same time, in the face of general reactions, the association published a video in which it announced that it preferred to withdraw from the event.

What relationship with French hunting?

All this is fine, you are certainly wondering what is the relationship with French hunting?

It’s very simple, to bounce back following the withdrawal of the Goodplanet association from the Z-Event, the organization has decided to propose a list of associations “in favor of the environment” for which everyone can vote and 5 associations that will be chosen following the votes will be awarded a portion of the donations.

Among the associations vying to benefit from these donations, well-known associations of hunters and rural people such as ASPAS, LPO or France Nature Environnement.

If we start on the basis of 2021, the latter could well reach nearly 2 million euros.

It’s quite disconcerting to make such an observation and to see so much money offered to associations which are systematically in opposition and never seek compromise.

If this money is used on the ground to really promote the environment and biodiversity, if it finances equipment for the local fauna and flora, then it will be a success.

Despite everything, one cannot help thinking that this money will be used above all in actions carried out in court or elsewhere to harm rural people and hunters and to impose an ideology.

They want to ban hunting practices, impose the return of large predators, which represents a significant danger for breeders, and prefer the court to dialogue with people in the field.

Fortunately in this list, other associations militate for much more honorable fights than these last 3 like The Sea Cleaners which leads actions against pollution in the oceans for example.

Let’s hope all the same that the money will go to associations which really need it and which lead real fights for the planet and biodiversity.

The votes are open to all until Wednesday, if you also want to vote for associations of your choice you can do so by clicking on the following link after indicating an e-mail address: 11155748

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