Apple's new MacBook Air has Windows laptop makers worried

Apple’s new MacBook Air has Windows laptop makers worried

The characteristics of the new MacBook Air with its SoC M2, as well as its price below 1,500 euros make it a potential competitor for premium ultraportable computers running Windows.

Apple has launched pre-orders for its new MacBook Air M2. The machine will be marketed from July 15, for a price starting at 1,449 euros. The M1 version remains on sale, for a minimum price of 1,199 euros. But this announcement does not seem to please some Windows laptop manufacturers.

According to statements collected by our colleagues from DigiTimes, the price positioning of Apple’s new laptop (less than 1,500 euros) could have a negative impact on sales of high-end Windows machines. Indeed, the SoC M2 promises power with performance gains superior to the already excellent SoC M1: 18% more for CPU calculations and 35% more for the GPU part. The screen goes from 13.3 to 13.6 inches. In addition, Apple has improved the design of its 13-inch machine with 20% less volume compared to the previous generation. Featuring a new 1080p camera, the MacBook Air M2 is 11.3mm thin and weighs just 1.24kg. Admittedly, it is around 250 euros more expensive than the M1 model, but the price difference is still quite acceptable if we consider its new characteristics.

Arguments that make the Apple computer very competitive against high-end Windows ultraportables. These characteristics are likely to tip the balance of customers who hesitate between a PC and a Mac. In addition, sales of premium machines are down due to inflation, with users being much more hesitant to invest in expensive models.

Apple has almost completed its transition, which began in 2020, between Intel processors and its own chips. Only the high-end configurations of the Mac mini and the Mac Pro are left to run on Intel, but that should end next year.

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