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Baptiste and Justine the passionate kiss | The Castels escape the fire at night – More beautiful life July 14, 2022 (episode 4579) | More beautiful life

Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4579 of Thursday July 14, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Pablo saves the family thanks to his asthma, Bastien and Luna want to continue the holidays. Eric has turned the page, he is ready for his new life.

Read the complete PBLV recap season 18 episode 4579 of 07/15/2022 in preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Justine more beautiful life

Justine and Baptiste here we go again

Find it full summary of More beautiful life of Thursday, July 14, 2022 episode 4579 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 13/07/2022 is online.

The canadairs are back to put out the fires in the region. Mirta is worried about Luna who has decided to go wild camping with Bastien and the children. Barbara and Laetitia try to reassure her. It was Pablo’s cough that saved everyone. Bastien looked at the firefighters’ app, they are now in a safe place. The whole family comforts themselves with junk food for escaping the fire.

Pablo wakes up in the early morning, bothered by the fumes…the whole family had fallen asleep outside. He wakes up Luna and Bastien, they decide to leave immediately in a motorhome to get away from this dangerous area.

Luna plus belle la vie

Luna offers comfort with junk food

Eric is back in his apartment to put away his things and clean up. He keeps his diploma for the police. A page turns…
Then, Eric goes to the police station to pack up his things… nostalgia is in order. Ariane prepared a farewell party with the whole team. They give him the stuffed bird that was on his desk.

Eric more beautiful life

Eric and Simon just happy, they are ready for their new life

Lola watches for Noé at the apartment: Kylian tells her that he is not going to do his English internship, he is now living with Betty. Kylian thinks it’s better that Lola doesn’t see Noé every day, it’ll help her move on. Kylian believes that Lola deserves better than Noé.

Eric more beautiful life

Eric celebrates his departure with his colleagues

More beautiful life in advance episode 4578 of July 14, 2022: Lola depressed

Lola searches for Betty’s address and observes her with Noah from a distance. Lola finds Kylian who is already there. Betty and Noé are dancing with the music on full blast. Lola throws pebbles at the window and it broke the pane. Lola flees.
Kylian confesses to Lola that Betty is not an easily forgotten girl. Lola cracks up, she knows how she’s going to get out of this…she’s in too much pain.

Eric more beautiful life

Eric takes the bare minimum of his old life

Camille tells Kevin to tell Baptiste to take care of Emma because she feels she is fragile. Baptiste is drunk. He wanted to talk to her about Justine but said nothing.

Justine poses for the next firefighters calendar, she was chosen to illustrate the month of July. The photographer wonders if Baptiste and Justine could not make the front page of the calendar.
Justine and Baptiste succumb to temptation and fall for each other.

Lola more beautiful life

Lola can’t get over her breakup with Noé

The highlights of Plus belle la vie of July 14, 2022: what to remember

– Baptiste and Justine kiss again
– Eric returned his apartment and participated in the farewell party at the police station
– Lola and Kylian are unhappy, they can’t forget Noé and Betty
– Bastien, Luna and the children narrowly escape the fire with the smoke while they sleep
– Lola breaks a window at Betty’s with a pebble

Our opinion


The +

  • Fires a real topic in the news as PBLV knows how to do it
  • The happy ending for Eric and Simon
  • Mirta and Laetitia the gossips back
  • Dealing with junk food with humor


  • Fires a subject that can be anxiety-provoking
  • The Emma and Baptiste breakup looming
  • Absence of Kevin at Eric’s drink

Main Cast

Anne Decis, Marwan Berreni, Cécila Hornus, Pierre Martot, Laurent Kérusoré, Léa François, Stéphane Henon…

Duration of episodes (average)


To be continued the complete summary of Plus belle la vie in advance of Monday, July 18, 2022 with episode 4579.

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