Béatrice Schönberg married to Jean-Louis Borloo: very rare appearance of the couple in Saint-Tropez

Béatrice Schönberg married to Jean-Louis Borloo: very rare appearance of the couple in Saint-Tropez

The party was in full swing at the VIP Room in Saint-Tropez this Monday, July 11. And for good reason ! Jacqueline Veyssière, one of the biggest queens of the night in the city when summer arrived, was celebrating her birthday. Beautiful people have therefore responded to the invitation to honor the one who, for so long and still does, has made many holidaymakers and stars dance, eager to enjoy the nocturnal atmosphere of this peaceful city that never sleeps. yet never in this summer period.

To start this new year, Jacqueline Veyssière has surrounded herself with the best. Among them, journalist Béatrice Schönberg and former MEP Jean-Louis Borloo. The couple’s public appearances can be counted on the fingers of one hand, so seeing them with their friend for such an event would almost be a feat! And everything seems to be going well for the lovers, married since 2005. If they did not spend their whole evening glued to each other, unlike Marie Sara, very in love with her darling Florian, their smiles and the happiness that could be read on their faces were enough to translate all the serenity which envelopes their love for so many years already.

Béatrice Schönberg and Jean-Louis Borloo were not the only ones to have toasted with Jacqueline Veyssière for this new soufflé candle. Orlando, brother of Dalida, had also made the trip. Tony Gomez, also known in the middle of the night, posed near him, not far from Jean Roch, undisputed master of music and Caroline Barclay, wife of the late Eddy Barclay, prince of white evenings that have become legendary. Big absent however: another king of the party, Patrick Sébastien. In a relationship with Nathalie Boutot, yet present at the birthday of Jacqueline Veyssière, the former host of France Télévisions preferred to skip her turn. Let’s hope for him that his half did him honor by turning the towels…

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