Cyndie (Married at first sight) reveals that she is no longer in a relationship

Cyndie (Married at first sight) reveals that she is no longer in a relationship

While Cyndie had announced that she had found love again at the end of the broadcast of Married at first sightthe young woman again takes stock of her romantic situation.

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On June 20, viewers of Married at first sight virtually witnessed the separation of Cyndie and Jauffrey. After a few weeks between complicity and misunderstanding, the former swimming champion and the beautician ended up deciding to divorce. A galley that lasted several months according to the young woman. But while the program has come to the end of its sixth season, viewers and Internet users, who have become attached to the candidates, are still curious about the evolution of the love life of the latter. Thus, if Jauffrey revealed to be single since the end of filming, Cyndie, she had announced that she had met someone but that their story was very recent. Two weeks later, she says more.

Cyndie (Married at first sight) is single again

Installed in her sofa in front of the last season of Stranger Things with what looks like a little aperitif, Cyndie offered her followers to chat on Instagram this Monday evening. Thus, she answered questions from viewers of Married at first sight who appreciated his outspokenness and simplicity. After confirming that she no longer has any news from Jauffrey – with whom she only remained in a relationship for a month – the young woman explained, according to her, the reasons for their break-up: “Unfortunately, it really wasn’t for mewe had completely different expectations“. When asked if she has since found love again, she replied very simply: “I am a heart to take“.

Assembly and authenticity

If she confides that she “loved this show“Before participating, the candidate confessed to being”disappointed with the authenticity of this program“.”I am a nice girl who never judges the other and who communicates a lot; quite the opposite of what they wanted to show“, she launched, questioning the editing of the M6 ​​show. A disappointment shared by other candidates for television shows, whether it is Sandy – who believes that his story with Alex was “ghosted“by the production of Married at first sightor Louise Bourrat, the winner of Top chefwhose image has been reduced according to her, to that of a confident and competitive woman.

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