DemDem is indignant at all the clashes of Booba who is still banned from Instagram

DemDem is indignant at all the clashes of Booba who is still banned from Instagram

DemDem is indignant at all the clashes of Booba who is still banned from Instagram

Booba has again exceeded the limits and this time it is Demdem who has paid the price. The women of Gims were annoyed by the behavior of the former member of the Lunatic group and do not understand this relentlessness against him which has persisted for years. In the wake of his angry message, the DUC still had his Instagram account suspended.

Booba is once again fired from Instagram!

In his many clashes, Booba does not let go of the DemDem and Gims couple. The confusion first began against the leader of Sexion D’Assaut when the latter accused French rappers of cheating on sales by paying stream factories to increase views on clips and listens to singles. Kopp had felt targeted by this accusation, which sparked a conflict between them before Meugui’s wife was unwillingly involved in this dispute.

After leaving DemDem alone in recent weeks, Booba finally revived hostilities with an old video of the young woman promoting a training course funded in Dubai for women by a company called Rise Immersion. In another sequence Gims praises the merits of this virtual reality training company. The author of Ultra claims that the couple is affiliated with the influencer Marc Blata who is currently in the midst of a controversy accused of having set up anarques from the United Arab Emirates to trap Internet users on the networks.

DemDem can’t take the actions of B2O anymore

“RiseImmersion” This is the training center that blata redirects his victims to for his Oculus meta and headset thing… @gims how are you? » comments B2O before continuing by bringing out the old audio file from Gims in which we can hear him wishing “the annihilation” of his rival. “3 days ago, I made an invocation, I asked H-Magnum to pray, my wife also prayed. I asked for Booba’s annihilation, I asked for his destruction for the harm and humiliation he wants to try to do to me. I asked Allah, God to find me a favorable outcome. To get rid of it as he wants.

Publications that Booba relayed on his Twitter account before adding a layer of them by making fun of the couple via the OKLM Instagram account on which he regained control after the deletion of his personal profile on the social network and then that of his brand. of clothes, La Piracy. On a loop over months for 4 years wallah get the old man treated. Thinking about me every day that God does, I really broke through. reacted DemDem in a story, tired of the attacks. You don’t even know how pierced you are… It’s clearly you who’s wearing the panties. I wish you to grow old too replied Kopp before having his account suspended again.

Indeed the OKLM profile suddenly disappeared from Instagram following this exchange with DemDem when the latter had already filed a complaint last March with her husband against the 92i rapper. B2O then confirmed this sanction by posting a screenshot of the warning message of his banishment, he has 30 days to contest the decision. ” We will meet each other again… “ he added in the caption.


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