Disneyland Paris: preview the Avengers Campus, the park dedicated to Marvel

Disneyland Paris: preview the Avengers Campus, the park dedicated to Marvel

Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris’ new themed area, Avengers Campus, will open its doors on July 20, 2022 with its new attractions. Visit this base of superheroes from the Marvel universe. ©The Marne

There were many superheroes on Saturday July 9, 2022 at theAvengers Campus of Disneyland Paris based in Chessy, in Seine-et-Marne. 10 days before the official opening of this new space dedicated to the Marvel universe, the amusement park opened its doors this weekend as a preview and we were among the first recruits! We tried to live up to it, to tell you everything.

Major project by Disneyland Paris to renew its park Walt Disney Studios, waited for five yearsthis “superhero training campus” will open its doors to the public on July 20, 2022.

Scenery inspired by Tony Stark aka Iron Man

After a curtain raiser orchestrated by Spidermanthe campus superstar adored by visitors, discover this new themed area and its buildings at industrial and modern stylelike its creator. According to the story told on campus, it is indeed TOny Stark, aka Iron Manwho designed the buildings.

The Avengers Campus at Disney was designed by Tony Stark, the playboy billionaire, aka Iron Man.
The Avengers Campus was designed by Tony Stark in an industrial and modern atmosphere where superheroes can appear at any time. ©LB/La Marne

Diving with the greatest heroes

At the end of the alley, the Quinjet (plane frequently used by Marvel heroes), sits on a raised platform and FRIDAYStark Industries’ artificial intelligence, uploaded to campus, comes to life on the pediment of theFlight Force attraction to guide and train visitors. This is the very first virtual character in the Disneyland Paris park. No doubt, we’re in.

It’s a world where you can launch cobwebs like Spiderman, save the universe with Iron Man and Captain Marvel, and dance with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This is our very own superhero base.

Bob Chapek, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

Throw webs like Spiderman

Here, visitors are recruits ». The genesis of the Avengers Campus imagined by Disney tells that Tony Stark wants to create a network of training centers around the world to find the superheroes of tomorrow (a first Avengers Campus opened in California last year). In the French version, there is therefore a “training center”, to glean valuable advice from the Avengers and (especially) take a photo to create your recruit badge.

In the Spiderman WEB Adventures, we are welcomed by Peter Parker who must quickly transform into a Spiderman to prevent (thanks to our help) an invasion of spider bots on the campus. ©JG/La Marne

First mission for us in the “Spiderman WEB Adventures” : Save the Avengers Campus from a spider bot invasion with Spider-Man. As Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, hosts an open house, these red and blue spiders (not originally evil), multiply out of control and threaten the campus.

Videos: currently on Actu
After defeating the invasion of spider bots, you can find a remote-controlled version in the store to take home.
After defeating the invasion of spider bots, you can find a remote-controlled version in the store to take home. ©LB/La Marne

The attraction is captivating and original. Equipped with 3D glasses, we board our “web slinger” (the vehicle that allows us to throw cobwebs like Spiderman) thanks to a system of sensors integrated into this red and blue vessel.

Just reach out your arm, aim and the webs leave as if by magic. We quickly find ourselves agitated in all directions and crying victory after each episode. But given our scores at the end of the attraction, some have a little more practice to save the universe!

Between competition and teamwork, you quickly get caught up in the game in this interactive attraction.
Embedded in the web slingers (the wagon of the attraction), between competition and teamwork, we quickly get caught up in the game in this interactive attraction. ©LB/La Marne

Save the planet with Iron Man and Captain Marvel

Second mission, more classic but still effective, “Flight Force”the new Rock’n Roller Coaster. This time it’s all about helping Iron Man and Captain Marvel save the world from an intergalactic threat. Not all superheroes are available and they need a helping hand. “You can turn around, no one will judge you,” says the last sign.

At Flight Force, a latest generation animatronic welcomes recruits.
Iron Man’s animatronics in the Flight Force attraction are stunningly realistic. This is a new generation of animatronics. ©LB/La Marne

You have to hang on during this completely redesigned roller coaster, which makes tendrils and loops. After a start at 90 km/h, immersed in the dark, difficult to know if we have the head up or down. With in-seat sound, you can hear the fight unfold and those who manage to lift their heads will see the footage synced to the story. hair-raising.

A living land, in immersion

Disneyland Paris wanted its new “land”, in Disney jargon like the other spaces (Fantaisyland, Discoveryland, etc.), dedicated to the Marvel universe, very immersive. The bet is successful. The narrationsthem decorationseven the catering areas are very elaborate, as the destination knows how to do.

Even in the restaurants, references to the stories of the Avengers are everywhere like here, in the Stark Factory.
Even in the restaurants, the references to the stories of the Avengers are everywhere like here, in the Stark Factory. ©LB/La Marne

At any time, we can come across Thor and his evil half-brother Loki, Doctor Strange Where Ant-Manwatch a fight on the roofs, learn to wield the spear with Okoye and the wakanda warriors (the world of Black Panther), and yes, dancing with Star-Lord and Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy. To move faster, the superheroes can also climb into the ADV (Avengers Deployment Vehicle), a futuristic vehicle with angular shapes.

You can come across superheroes like Thor and Loki on campus.
You can come across many superheroes on campus, such as Thor and Loki. The opportunity to ask them for advice to protect the world. ©JG/La Marne
The campus is a concentrate of technology.
The Avengers campus is a concentrate of technology. Here the ADV, a futuristic vehicle that transports superheroes. ©JG/La Marne

“Avengers Campus was designed as a living park that can evolve with new stories”announces Disneyland Paris.

Here, you don’t need to book your place in a designated place to take a picture with a character. At the Avengers Campus, you can ask the superheroes walking around the campus for a selfie!

The same goes for the shows, which take place during the day, without a predefined time, and which invite recruits to participate in order to train. So, pDo you think you have what it takes to become a superhero and join the Avengers?

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