Florence Foresti as a couple: the reasons that led her to divorce Jérôme Daran

Florence Foresti as a couple: the reasons that led her to divorce Jérôme Daran

On June 27, 2022, Florence Foresti decided to formalize with his companion Alexander Kominek, 33 Years. At the Marigny theater in Paris, the 48-year-old comedian and actress shone on the arm of this young comedian who now shares his life. After hiding for a while, the couple, also seen in the stands of Roland-Garros, is finally ready to appear together. Mother of a little Toni – born in 2007, Florence Foresti has always known how to be very discreet about her private life. Before sharing his daily life with the Swiss and “sentimental“Alexander Kominek, she has already been married. Florence Foresti had shared the reasons for her divorcefew years ago.

It is with Jérôme Daran that the comedian had agreed to pass the ring on his finger. But in 2004, the couple divorced, and she then seemed vaccinated against marriage as confided in the columns of Marie Claire in 2009. “In fact, I was married only once, in Lyon, to a man I adored but with whom it was impossible to live. It was a very romantic wedding. I will not remarry. Safe“, she said at the time. While the message is indeed clear about her relationship with marriage, never say never.

“Dependent” and “fusional”

I’m a bitch, like all the other bitches, obsessed. Dependent, fusional. I want to be with him 24 hours a day, until the end of the relationship (…) I constantly try to prove to myself that I can live without a man, so it’s very painful for those who share my life“, she admitted during this interview with our colleagues about her behavior when she finds herself in a romantic relationship. Again, Florence Foresti may have changed since these statements. After her divorce, the star of the films hollywoo, Barbecue or Dikkenek frequented Julien Mairesse, artistic director and concert director – father of his daughter named Toni. Then after a relationship with the director and screenwriter Xavier Maingon, she now vibrates for Alexandre Kominek. If we don’t know if she is still too excessive, we learned that her companion is more of the “romantic“.”I may be considered rude, but i am very romantic and sentimental. I love to go to excess then fall back on my feet“, informed Alexandre Kominek to our colleagues from 24 hours.

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