He reveals a photo and the surprising first name of his second child

He reveals a photo and the surprising first name of his second child

Amir’s fans were eagerly awaiting this first photo. While he revealed that he had welcomed a second child on July 4, the singer had for the moment refrained from revealing a snapshot, or even the first name of his child. “He was born at 1:45 p.m., a magnificent little prince. Mum was majestic in courage. She and baby are fine, and my heart is melting. Thank you life”, had simply written the singer to evoke the birth of his baby. But now it’s done, since this Monday, July 11, the one who was already the happy father of a little Mikhaël, unveiled a photo of his newborn. We discover him from behind, in the arms of his dad, who puts a tender kiss on his forehead. In the caption, the singer wrote: “Your name is Gold… This little word which means ‘Light’ in the language of my ancestors”. “I don’t know if it’s your beautiful face or if you were just chosen for a role, but this name suits you my son”concluded the artist.

Many people, anonymous as celebrities wanted to congratulate Amir and his wife for this happy news. “Oh wonderful! Congratulations! Lots of happiness to you!”for example wrote Elsa Zylberstein. “So it’s me who melts… I wish you a lot of happiness”, “This photo is just magnificent”, “Long life to this little wonder who joins the family of his dreams”we also read among the comments of the post.

In an interview with European 1 last June, Amir confided in his wife Lital, who had left her country, Israel, to follow her husband’s career in France. “She has accompanied me in the shadows since the beginning of my dream (…) She went so far as to change countries for me (…) She did not speak French (…) This choice to start from scratch is extremely brave. She made a real sacrifice. She knows that I don’t forget.” he had explained.



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