Holidays 2022: the 7 essential books to read this summer

Holidays 2022: the 7 essential books to read this summer

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Adventure stories, sentimental novels, thrillers… If you want to take time to read and relax this summer, The Midi Dispatch has put together a selection of seven not-to-be-missed books for you.

What could be better than a good book to relax this summer on the beach, by the swimming pool or quite simply in your garden or a park… You still have to find it! Like every year, certain works stand out as the summer season approaches and promise to be must-haves. So if you want to stay up to date, here are the seven must-reads this summer.

Threeby Valerie Perrin

Fascinating novel mixing intrigue and friendship, Three, as its name suggests, will take you through the story of three close friends who met in CM2 in 1986. Three friends who will be thrown into the limelight in 2017, when a car wreck is discovered at the bottom of a lake. What have they become ? What is the relationship between this wreck and their friendship story? A “A nugget of romance”, according to The Parisian.

The anomalyby Hervé le Tellier

Goncourt Prize 2020, The anomaly is a novel with reversals of situations as sudden as they are unpredictable. You will follow the story of several characters, boarding a Paris-New York flight. Not everything goes as planned and phenomena bordering on science fiction will occur. “Everyone believed they had a secret life. No one imagined how true it was,” notes the back cover.

We will have thisby Virginie Grimaldi

“At 33, Iris carries her life around in a suitcase. Théo, 18, has few dreams, because they don’t care when they break. At 74, Jeanne looks at her existence in the rear view mirror. Nothing destined them to meet”, the back cover sets the tone. We will have this, a new novel by the famous Virginie Grimaldi, presents a story as touching as it is moving. Perfect for reading by the sea.

The vortex of lifeby Aurélie Valognes

Like Virgine Grimaldi’s work, The vortex of life will touch your heart. Between humor and emotions, the novel tells the story of a grandfather and his grandson who, for one summer, will make up for lost time. “Happiness would be total if Arthur (the grandfather) did not carry a heavy secret”, announces the back cover. A book about passing time, transmission and the simple pleasures of life.

Liv Mariaby Julia Kerninon

The story of a woman entering her forties who, through the story of her life over thirty years, is nourished by the encounters she has had. Liv Maria tells us about the daily life of this seemingly ordinary woman, but whose past is as rich as it is thrilling. A thrilling story of love and adventure.

The young manby Annie Hernaux

You find it difficult to finish long books of 400 or 500 pages, The young man is made for you. Only a few dozen pages long, written in the first person, Annie Ernaux recounts a relationship with a man thirty years younger than her. “An experience that made her become again, for several months, the scandalous girl of her youth”, notes Gallimard. A thrilling little journey through time to devour this summer.

1991by Franck Thilliez

We end this list with a thriller, and not just any. 1991 tells the first investigation of Franck Sharko, just out of the school of inspectors. Through this breathtaking thriller full of surprises, Sharko will discover a story as dark as it is unexpected, going beyond anything he could have imagined. Something to give you some chills this summer.

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