être certifié sur TikTok astuces

How to be certified on the platform?

Are you a TikTok user and want to be certified? Here are our tips and advice for obtaining certification.

get certified on TikTok tips

As a TikTok user, you certainly dream of finally being certified by the platform. It must be said that it throws, this little blue dot that validates the popularity of your account. But, did you know that the certification is not reserved only for the most famous stars? Indeed, you too can become certified on Tik Tok. Finally, under certain conditions. After having given you all the keys to publish at the right time on the social network, here are our tips to get your account certification.

The “blue thing” on the networks: the “verified” badge, for whom?

You all know him, this little blue badge which certifies that your account is an original, official. All celebrities have this “blue thing”, this verification, on their social networks. In reality, being certified on a network, including on TikTok, makes it possible to find well-known personalities or influential companies on the web. This certificatevisible to all, also makes it possible not to be mistaken in the face of the multitude of “fakes” present on the web.

So, as you can imagine, being certified on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok is not given to everyone. To begin with, know that you cannot qualify for TikTok certification if you don’t, at least, several thousand subscribers. Thus, on the social network, to buzz and being known to tiktokers is necessary to obtain it.

get certified on TikTok tips

If you fall into this category, then you have a chance to get certified. Moreover, another way to obtain certification is to be already a well-known personality. This allows you to have the certification, before reaching 100,000 TikTok subscribers. But, in any case, your account must be unique. No other account must exist with a nickname similar to yours and that it is certified for example.

It happened to our dear Cyril MP4but also to the Youtuber Louis San. Both could therefore not be certified on certain networks.

Account certification: How to become certified on TikTok?

A verified badge means that TikTok has confirmed that the account belongs to the user it represents”, says csweb. Thus, very often, on Instagram for example, you have to request certification from the platform. It happens through a form. But, on TikTok, being certified happens differently.

In fact, for your account to be authenticated and formalized on TikTok, there is not really a form. But, you can directly ask the platform to certify you, but this is not often accepted. In general, know that it is TikTok itself that contacts you to ask you if you want certification. Not the opposite. On the other hand, as mentioned, you can always ask for it yourself on this contact: support.tiktok.com.

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Note that you must fulfill the conditions cited above. But, also, those described by TikTok. To know :

“To be able to do the certification requestyour account should respond
on all the conditions mentioned below.

We certify accounts that are:

  • Authentic: Your account must represent a creator, a
    genuine business or organization
    not a fan account
    or compiling. If we find that a user is deliberately impersonating
    someone else, we can take action.
  • Complete: your account must have a Profile Picture, a Biography
    and you must have logged in within the last 6 months. The
    brands and public figures must link their accounts
    certified from their social networks
    on the TikTok Platform.
  • users over 13 years old. »

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