"I don't envision life with a kit…"

“I don’t envision life with a kit…”

It’s time for introspection for Olivier Minne. An essential figure in television, he has also known “ups and downs” in the past. If to date, the main interested party animates with panache Everyone has a sayDelphine Wespiser’s sidekick is also in charge of Fort Boyard on France 2. Who could have foreseen it? Not me anyway, because the show was in danger at the time I was called to present it”, analyzed Olivier Minne in the columns of We both this Tuesday, July 12.

This summer, the star decided to slow down. Alone or accompanied? Nobody knows. On a daily basis, the famous presenter has always made it a point of honor to preserve his private life. We know that he divides his life between “Paris, Los Angeles and Brussels”. “ As a couple or not, it doesn’t change much of the fact that an existence without love, whatever it is, is terrible. he confessed to our colleagues. And that’s not all ! Having children is not a priority for Olivier Minne. Quite the contrary.

“I don’t necessarily want to have children…”

“I don’t necessarily want to have children”, he specified. “I don’t envisage life with a ‘kit’ with the dog, the 4×4, the house in the suburbs”. In August 2020 in the columns of Here is, the host made other confidences on this subject. For him, the “question never arose”. Amused, Olivier Minne assured for We both that he had ” full ofchildren… to everyone’s surprise.

“All those who have watched Fort Boyard for 20 years, but without the responsibility of being their father”, he amused himself. Without forgetting “those who, a very long time ago watched Fantastic Worlds (1992 to 1992 editor’s note). I am a happy father because they are nice to me”concluded Olivier Minne not without humor.


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