In the beauty market, the syringe overshadows the scalpel

In the beauty market, the syringe overshadows the scalpel

Investigation“The odyssey of cosmetic surgery” (2/5). Aesthetic medicine, less expensive than surgery and considered gentler by patients, benefits from laboratory innovations: Botox, tensor threads, hyaluronic acid… Its success arouses covetousness, to the point that surgeons are in competition with dermatologists or general practitioners.

“Everyone is a masterpiece. » Each is a masterpiece. This mantra is not the title of a personal development book, nor of an ecumenical work of art. This is the slogan chosen by Ibsa Derma, the subsidiary of a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company. In early June, it was displayed on the immaculate wall of an exhibition stand at the Palais des Congrès at Porte Maillot in Paris. Here, for three days, more than 14,000 practitioners of surgery and aesthetic medicine, industrialists and investors too, from 121 countries, celebrated their joyful reunion after two years of pandemic and videoconferences.

The guests of this global event called Imcas (for International Master Course on Aging Science) celebrated the explosion in post-Covid-19 demand, the latest advances in the “sciences of aging”, future miracle products and techniques of tomorrow. A super-botulinum toxin for an ultra-smooth forehead for longer. A method of implanting synthetic hair to overcome baldness. Ultrasound or electromagnetic wave devices for a more toned body and firmer skin. Waiting for the Holy Grail of aesthetics: tissue regeneration through the magic of multipotent stem cells, the promise of eternal youth.

The participants were not bored, between workshops, symposiums, seminars, “networking cocktail” and gala dinner at the chic Ritz hotel. Without forgetting the films projected on the big screen in the huge Bordeaux amphitheater: live dissection sessions in the anatomopathology laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine and cosmetic surgery operations filmed live at the Sainte-Geneviève clinic , in Paris. A breast lift without scars, another of the face and neck, breast augmentation and buttock surgery were on the program this year. “An ideal device for training”, appreciates a congressman. In short, the highlight of this 23e Imcas edition.

“The best students”

Welcome to the wonderful world of beauty, this “Promise of Happiness”, according to Stendhal, of his wizards, their tools and their techniques. Anyone who wants to do not have access to this elite of the scalpel, with around a thousand members in France. Only they can retouch any part of the body. Other scalpel pros, many more numerous, must limit themselves to their field of competence. The face, for example, for experts in maxillofacial surgery.

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