injections, laser and cutting-edge treatments, the 44-year-old dad's anti-aging routine revealed...

injections, laser and cutting-edge treatments, the 44-year-old dad’s anti-aging routine revealed…

Jean-Pascal Lacoste is completely transparent when it comes to talking about his personal life. Recently, he admitted, for example, on the set of “TPMP” to have already had a homosexual relationship. And on July 11, the 44-year-old young dad revealed everything her anti-aging routine on Instagram.

Injections of hyaluronic acidmesotherapy, peeling and permanent laser hair removal”he wrote in his stories to praise the merits of a doctor specializing in “aesthetics and anti-aging medicine” where he was going. Just before filming in full care. “We revitalize the skin”commented the former candidate of “The Star Academy” while the doctor passed a product on her face. “Take care of your skin and protect yourself from the sun”he then advised in the face of the heat wave which is raging in France.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste, a young dad who takes care of himself. “We are happy to announce the birth of Ainhoa, on 06/06/2022 at 11:57 p.m.! This little piece of 2,770 kg joins Maverick & Kylie. We are now officially 5 for our greatest happiness”, they had announced with his wife, Delphine Tellier, via an Instagram publication published on their respective accounts on June 7. Delphine, the sister of Sylvie Tellier with whom the links are strained. Since the birth of little Ainhoa, the director of the Miss France committee has not spoken, at least publicly. No story, no publication, nothing at all.

On January 2, Delphine Tellier confided in the subject of their relationship via a live Instagram. “There is nothing to say because there is no relationship,” she said. While the former companion of the singer Jenifer added a layer during an interview granted to Jordan De Luxe available on Star Play TV. “It’s family stories! I don’t know her, that doesn’t prevent me from sleeping! She makes her life, I make mine, who cares!”he had launched.

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