Marilou Berry: His companion and father of his son Andy killed, he is having a bad time...

Marilou Berry: His companion and father of his son Andy killed, he is having a bad time…

When you see the Instagram story of the Diamantaire, the companion of actress Marilou Berry, it only takes a few seconds to realize his dejection: the artist, whose real first name is Alexis, has just been tested positive for Covid-19 while his works are currently exhibited in Apt, in the Luberon.

The Covid. At the right time…” can we read on his Instagram account in the caption of a photo of a mountain landscape. And we rather easily understand his disappointment: isolated, he will not be able to meet his fans and other artists and collectors who have probably planned to go to his exhibition to see his works.

A contamination which is part of a 7th wave of Covid-19 which has been hitting France with force for a few weeks but which is particularly bad for him and which will force him to renew his exhibition as quickly as possible in order to be able, this time, to attend it without problem. Unfortunately, he only has to isolate himself and rest to try to heal as quickly as possible from this devastating virus.

In the meantime, we hope for her that her companion Marilou Berry (who has shared her life since 2017) has not been infected too! Expected on the set of the third season of the series I promise you this summer, the actress should not be diminished to play this role which viewers liked so much and which is inspired by that of Chrissy Metz in the American series This is Us.

We also hope that their son Andy is doing well: the little boy, born at the end of 2018, is the delight of his parents who rarely expose him on social networks. We can however see on his father’s account that he sometimes hires him as a little assistant in his workshop: recently, he had taken a photo of him, a diamond in front of his face, in combination with an absolutely adorable caption: “The next generation is coming!“.

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