Married at first sight (Belgium)

Married at first sight (Belgium)

Facing the mayor, the couple of

Facing the mayor, the couple of “Married at first sight” said “yes”. Internet users are afraid of seeing Joël suffer … (M6 screenshot)

This Monday, July 11, M6 is broadcasting new episodes of season 5 of “Married at first sight” Belgium. From the first minutes of the third episode, viewers were able to discover the wedding ceremony (and the meeting!) of Laurie and Joël. If the latter was delighted to meet his future wife, Laurie, she was much more on the reserve. Something to worry internet users who fear seeing Joël suffer too quickly in the adventure…

This Monday evening, M6 viewers find the rest of season 5 of “Married at first sight” Belgium. Indeed, after several months of following with great interest the adventures of Bruno and Alicia, Pauline and Damien or even Emilie and Frédérick, candidates for “Married at first sight” season 6, the followers of the program had to part with their favorite couples. In order not to make viewers wait too long, since July 4, the channel has decided to offer them the Belgian version of the show! On the program: new couples, new stories, new adventures… in short, enough to spend a “100% MAPR” summer! Of course, the principle of the show remains unchanged: 10 singles have chosen to trust science to find their soul mate. Viewers were able to discover Élodie and Julien, Morgane and Valérian, Nathalie and Michaël, Laurent and Séverine, but also Joël and Laurie. And on the side of the experts, it is neither Estelle Dossin nor Pascal de Sutter who are alongside the candidates but a slightly larger team made up of sexologist Catherine Solano, couple therapist Jean-Luc Beaumont and psychologists Céline Delfosse and Audrey Van Ouystel.

“It’s going to end badly…”

Tonight’s show started in the municipality of Wemmel, with Laurie and Joël, 83.9% compatible according to experts. Last week, the two candidates embarked on their own in the preparations for their marriage. And if Joel rejoiced at the idea of ​​discovering his future wife, Laurie, she had trouble realizing that her destiny was going to be linked to that of a stranger. A few hours before her wedding, anxiety even took hold of the young woman: “I’m starting to realize what’s going on. (…) The stress is starting to set in” she confided then in interview. This evening, viewers were able to attend the wedding ceremony of the two candidates, who came with their families and loved ones. First observation for Internet users? The feeling seems to come mainly from one side: that of Joël. During their photo session, the couple didn’t show themselves to be very close and Laurie didn’t seem to be enjoying the moment with her husband. Later, during the opening of the ball, the young woman was even shown to be particularly distant and confided to apprehend the moment when she will find herself alone with Joël. Something to worry the experts … but also the Internet users who do not understand why Joël said “yes” to Laurie!

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