Mathilda May must be repatriated to France after catching dengue fever in Bali

Mathilda May must be repatriated to France after catching dengue fever in Bali

After several “difficult days, immobilized without being able to eat or drink”, Mathilda May seems to be doing better. The actress announced that she was “devastated by the Dengue virus” while she was in Bali. And it was from her room at Siloam Hospitals in the Indonesian city that she wanted to defend the hospital world and the French health system.

In a long post on Instagram titled “The chance to be French”, the star of Three places for the 26 evokes “this crisis in the health sector of our country”, in the caption of a photo of his hand connected to an infusion. She denounces “the disregard of successive public authorities vis-à-vis the hospital world and its carers when we have an exceptional system”.

Protecting the French healthcare system

“It is clear that where I am, without mutual insurance, I would not have had access to this overpriced hospital (imagine with the local salaries…) It is therefore the great luxury here to be able to be treated at the hospital. , as in many other countries, alas. So I think of our French health system, which is dying when it is one of the most beautiful constructions of which France has always been able to be proud, ”she begins.

Mathilda May insists: “Access to care for ALL is the basis of a just society. We must preserve this essential and exemplary human value at all costs. Beyond political divisions, I am talking here about equity, fraternity and ethics. »

The director wants France to remain “this noble country which protects its citizens from the barbarism of an absurd world where the door is closed to the sick without money”. Mathilda May is on the side of health professionals who have been demonstrating for several years now and “screaming and dying not to be heard”.

“By fighting as they have always done, caregivers not only protect a system but they protect us, the patients, and all patients without distinction”, she concludes, before announcing that her repatriation to French soil is expected “in a few days”.

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