Michel Cymes, his wife Nathalie jealous of Adriana Karembeu: this scene which blew up his wife

Michel Cymes, his wife Nathalie jealous of Adriana Karembeu: this scene which blew up his wife

This Tuesday, July 12 on France 2, the show The extraordinary powers of the human body makes his return. On the program: female desire and pleasure (subtitled The new sexual revolution).

A show that will be hosted as usual by Michel Cymes, always accompanied by his faithful on-screen partner Adriana Karembeu. The latter has just been expressed in the columns of Tele-Leisure about his relationship with the doctor. “In 10 years, he has become like my brother: we joke around a lot, we get annoyed too, but always with kindness. I appreciate this kind of man. His character is a bit like that of my husband! We also have a great competitive spirit in common… It spices up the show“, confided the mother of Nina.

We eat together on set, we see each other on vacation, he comes to Marrakech, we see each other in Paris. Our spouses get along very well! He is someone I can confide in, ask for advice. He is sincere with me and that is extremely important and very rare in this environment. I’m so lucky to have found someone like him.“, she also comes to tell for Current wife.

Jealousy in the air?

But this complicity has not always reassured Nathalie, the wife of Michel Cymes. The latter revealed that she was previously rather jealous, in an interview with Faustine Bollaert for Current wife in 2017, justifying this by the fact what is “half-French, half-Argentinian”. “Half the blood that runs through his veins is South American“, he added. He also told an anecdote about his first show with the pretty blonde, shot at Mont-Blanc. And the least we can say is that he was not spared by his sweetheart.

When I get home, I give the script to my wife to read and she discovers the passage which states: ‘Adriana and Michel enter the igloo, where they are going to spend the night.’ She exploded: ‘It’s a joke!’“, he had explained for the magazine. Not wishing in any way to let his friendship with the pretty blonde worsen his relationship, the 65-year-old host had taken the initiative to organize a dinner all four, with Adriana and her husband“, in order to eradicate all forms of jealousy. Since then, tensions seem to have eased, and that’s good!

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