Mohamed Bouhafsi sidelined by his colleagues from "C to You" in his early days?  The journalist balances and admits that "some were not tender"

Mohamed Bouhafsi sidelined by his colleagues from “C to You” in his early days? The journalist balances and admits that “some were not tender”

Of RMC at France 5, Mohamed Bouhafsi was able to prove that he had a lot of talent and that he was a great journalist. And if he has reason to be proud of the year he has had as a columnist for C to you, it is because many doubted his adaptation in the show of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, or simply did not believe in him. In an interview given to Parisianthe one who was still a few months ago at the edge of the field, before having dinner with actors, artists, men and women politicians, admitted to having had a complicated start when he arrived on the channel.

But complicated beginnings or not, Mohamed Bouhafsi has never let himself be walked on at each of his interventions throughout this year. Even when Philippe Ballard stood up to him, a few hours before the debate in the second round of the presidential election. This one did not appreciate that the columnist describes Marine Le Pen as an extreme right candidate and asked him some accounts after having judged that they had been placed, him and his militants, in a violent box.

Those who did not believe in him

He still has very good memories of his first year. “gorgeous” at the house of France Televisions and wished to take stock during an interview granted to the Parisian. “I hope I have lived up to the trust placed in me by Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez (director of programs at France TV) and Pierre-Antoine Capton (president of Mediawan). either Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Patrick Cohen, Émilie Tran Nguyen, Pierre Lescure but also Matthieu Belliard and Bertrand Chameroy, who have become true friends”he admits at first before formalizing the fact that he remained one more year: “Obviously I will continue next season”.

However, nothing was won in his debut at France 5. Indeed, Mohamed Bouhafsi admits that “some have not been tender, whether on social networks or in the media […] People did not understand that I could switch from football to politics and current affairs. I can understand it but sometimes it’s hard to live”. After having ensured this year, the journalist was undoubtedly able to convince the skeptics.

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