Natasha Bassett breaks up with Elon Musk after revelations about billionaire twins

Natasha Bassett breaks up with Elon Musk after revelations about billionaire twins

Elon Musk attends a press conference. (Hawthorne, October 10, 2019.) Abaca

The businessman confirmed that he secretly welcomed two children in November 2021. Revelations that marked the end of his relationship with the Australian actress.

She “hopes that they can remain friends”. In a relationship with Elon Musk since the end of 2021, Natasha Bassett has indeed broken up with the billionaire, revealed the site hollywood-life, Monday, July 11. The Australian actress would have been somewhat cooled by the recent revelations around the twins that the businessman secretly welcomed in November 2021. The latter confirmed in the columns of Page Six, on Thursday July 7, that he had at the time given birth to two children, from his relationship with Shivon Zilis, project director of his start-up Neuralink.

Natasha Bassett would, however, feel no bitterness after her split with the SpaceX founder. “Natasha has learned so much from Elon and she is grateful for the time they spent together, which was both precious and surreal”, thus confided a source close to the actress to hollywood-life. The main interested party would have, moreover, decided to focus more on her career. She has just played Dixie Locke, Elvis’ high school girlfriend, in the feature film dedicated to the rocker’s career.

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A friendship with Maye Musk

“After the release of the biopic Elvis, At the end of June, the last few weeks have caused a lot of stress for Natasha, explained the anonymous witness. Becoming an actress has always been her dream and acting is her first love. She is now receiving recognition for which she has worked very hard all her life, and Natasha knows that she must take the next steps on her own. She doesn’t have time to listen to background noises. A break that comes five months after the 30-year-old was spotted exiting 51-year-old Elon Musk’s jet in Los Angeles in mid-February.

The duo had been photographed together for the first time on May 29, during a getaway to Saint-Tropez. The previous week, Natasha Bassett had invited Maye Musk, the businessman’s mother, to climb the steps of the Cannes Film Festival during the preview ofElvis. The rupture of the actress and Elon Musk would, very fortunately, not have tainted the friendship between the actress and her ex-mother-in-law. “Natasha adores Elon’s mother, Maye, and the bond they have created will last,” said an anonymous source.

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