Olivier Minne as a couple?  He makes rare secrets about his love life

Olivier Minne as a couple? He makes rare secrets about his love life

At the animation of Fort Boyard for a new year, Olivier Minne made revelations about his private life, and more particularly about his love life.

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He is celebrating his 35th career in television this year. Today at the animation of the game Everyone has a say but also and above all, more punctually and for a longer time, to that of Fort Boyard since 2003, Olivier Minne is one of the best-known animators of the French PAF. This year also marks his twentieth season at the helm of the adventure game show, which was broadcast this summer on July 2. Formerly an actor and now a writer, on the professional side, Olivier Minne has a busy career. But from a personal point of view, one would think that things are calmer. And yet.

Coming out 5 years ago

On the love side, Olivier Minne had simply come out in 2017, in an interview with the news site buzzfeed. At the time, he said: “Today, I would define myself as gay. I never felt the need to come out being younger because homophobic speech was probably less liberated.” Two days ago, in a long interview with TV 2 Weeksthe host returned to this choice to reveal his sexual orientation: “It was not the object ofno planning or calculation. I probably felt the need to say it, without me wondering more about the question. It is true that there had been the episode of Marriage for all with all that it had generated as demonstrations. But you know, I’m a very discreet person.

“I’m lucky to be loved”

Olivier Minne is therefore very secretive about his private life but nevertheless wanted to tell the magazine more We both this July 12. When asked if he has found love, the Franco-Belgian responds: “Of course, otherwise it would be terrible! As a couple or not, it doesn’t change much the fact that an existence without love, whatever it is, is terrible. I am lucky to be loved and I think to love as well as possible.” The man therefore admits to having someone in his life, but when it comes to expanding his family circle, Olivier Minne, 55, is less categorical: “I don’t necessarily want to have children. I don’t see life as a ‘kit’ with the dog, the 4×4, the children, the house in the suburbs… I’m not not too much in these formats.”

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