Pauline (Married at first sight) and cosmetic surgery: this embarrassing problem that made her take the leap

Pauline (Married at first sight) and cosmetic surgery: this embarrassing problem that made her take the leap

In Married at first sight 2022, Pauline and Damian quickly became the darlings of the season. 77% compatible, it was obvious between the two candidates who have been together since filming. And their fans can continue to follow their adventures on social media. It is in particular on Instagram that they learned that they had just moved into the house of their dreams and that they are trying to have their first baby together.

On Sunday July 11, Pauline brought up a completely different subject, that of the plastic surgery. During a question and answer session with its subscribers, the pretty nurse confirmed that she was tempted by the call of the scalpel. She was even operated on twice. “I did some for my nose and my breasts“, she admitted frankly.

However, this was not necessarily a whim for Pauline. Indeed, she specifies that her breast operation was actually reconstructive surgery. “Breast reconstruction following breast ptosis“, she said. Breast ptosis is defined by a fall of the mammary gland and a distension of the skin that envelops it. The operation therefore aims to correct a drooping chest, which is why we it is also often called a breast lift, we learn on health sites.

Pauline confides in passing that she has “no idea“of why she was prone to this physical problem but believes that it may have something to do with”lose weight often and exercise“.”However, I had a very nice younger chest“, she underlines.

Definitely, Damien’s wife was not spared from health concerns. She confided recently that she had to have emergency surgery two weeks after her wedding. for bartholinitis, genital infection low at the Bartholin’s gland. “It is very very very painful. I thought I was going to die. That’s why I had to have surgery right away. It was nothing serious, but it was a painful emergency.“, she explained. Bad memories today far behind her!

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