Pauline (Married at first sight) confides without language of wood on her cosmetic surgery operations

Pauline (Married at first sight) confides without language of wood on her cosmetic surgery operations

During an exchange with her subscribers, Pauline, who married Damien in Married at first sightmentioned the operations of cosmetic surgery, to which she had recourse.

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The sixth season of Married at first sight ended two weeks ago on M6. It was replaced by the Belgian version of the program, which is far from having convinced Internet users. Since the released candidates can finally expose themselves to the big day without having to hide their life as a couple or their celibacy. Pauline and Damien are among the participants who found each other thanks to the show. 77% compatible according to experts, the two Marseillais fell in love with each other and never hid their physical attraction for each other. They therefore logically chose to settle down together.

A surgery that was essential for the young woman

Since the end of the show, it is on social networks that the candidates regularly give their news. Pauline thus lent herself to the question / answer game on her Instagram account. The young woman, for example, told her followers that she continued her nursing profession and did not want to become an influencer in the future, like some of the other candidates on the M6 ​​dating show. As for whether the baby was already on the way, she kicked into touch. “He’s playing hide and seek”, she replied. Above all, Damien’s wife agreed to answer the indiscreet question of a surfer, who asked her how many cosmetic surgery operations she had undergone. “I did two, my nose and my breasts”, she replied, cash. Before explaining what had imposed his intervention on his chest: “breast reconstruction following breast ptosis”. This is the sliding of the mammary gland towards the lower part of the breast, which causes it to sag. She does not explain the reasons for this small glitch in health. “So maybe because of losing weight often and sport”, she noted. “But yet I had a very beautiful younger chest“, she regretted.

Pauline and Damien can’t wait to be parents

Damien and Pauline have made no secret of their intention to have children together. The commercial had thus sent a nice statement to his wife, where he mentioned this possibility. “JI cherish life for putting you on my path, because you will make a wonderful mom…“, he wrote to him thus. And Pauline had confirmed it in the emission The Reunion – Married at First Sight. “We wait to see what life gives us as a gift. It should… We’re doing everything for it. As soon as possible, we hope.

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