Rune Factory, return of a nugget... Steam releases not to be missed this week

Rune Factory, return of a nugget… Steam releases not to be missed this week

Game News Rune Factory, return of a nugget… Steam releases not to be missed this week

A new week begins and that rhymes with new games to discover. And one of the best platforms to do this is obviously Steam. Every 53 minutes, a game is released on the Valve platform. Suffice to say that it is necessary to do a little sorting. This is why we are once again offering you a selection of Steam releases to watch in particular this week.

Time on Frog Island

There is a small remote island that all humans are unaware of… or almost. It is by an unfortunate coincidence that you enter into the confidence. On a stormy day, it is indeed on this strange place that your boat runs aground. Your goal is of course to rebuild it and to do this you will have to trade with the frogs inhabiting this island. Exploration, solving puzzles, helping each other, fishing, cooking, farming and learning new skills… Many things are possible on this sandbox-type island with shimmering colors and the look of a cute little story. Time on Frog Island opens its doors to you this week.

  • Release date: 07/12/2022

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

Monument Valley is one of those little nuggets of mobile gaming. Released in 2014 on iOS and Android, this ode to escape particularly appealed to us, earning an excellent 17 out of 20. Eight years later, PC players will in turn be able to discover this dreamlike adventure as beautiful as it is mysterious. Along the riddles and other puzzles based on the optical illusion, it is a spiritual quest alongside the silent princess Ida that Monument Valley offers you. This Panoramic Edition includes all chapters, additions and DLC of the title. Note that Monument Valley 2 also offers one on PC on the same date.

  • Release date: 07/12/2022


Need a little more action? That’s good because the next title is precisely a 3D action-adventure game. You play as Reid, a young heroine with amnesia who found herself in the strange world of XEL. Like any protagonist of this genre, she will seek answers in order to understand where she comes from and what her connection is to this world. To do this, you will have to take up arms and overcome dungeons, each more dangerous than the next. Between two moments of fight, it is your brains that will be put to the test. Discovering the science-fiction world of XEL (its environments, its nature, its secrets, etc.) does not therefore look easy.

  • Release date: 07/12/2022

Super UFO Fighter

Do you know the UFO catcher? These claw machines allowing you to catch nice rewards are a real institution in Japan and are a must for any self-respecting tourist. But the developers of VV-LABO offer us here a diversion that is intriguing to say the least. Super UFO Fighter is a mix between an action game, a UFO catcher and UFO fights (precisely UFO in English). Facing another player or the computer, you must manage to grab as many objects as possible and drop them into your base. But of course, it won’t be easy since your opponent can attack you to slow you down and score the most points.

  • Release date: 07/13/2022

Rune Factory 5

After a release on Nintendo Switch last March, the youngest of the Rune Factory license is coming to PC. As a reminder, the license mixes RPG elements with life simulation, gardening and breeding. Prized by a niche of players, Rune Factory was also designed as a spin-off of Story of Seasons. This Rune Factory 5 takes you to the border town of Rigbarth, where you, as a SEED sentinel, must maintain peace and balance. Note that the Nintendo Switch version had garnered a score of 68 on Metacritic. Although satisfying, the title had indeed turned out to be disappointing for many players, especially after such a long wait.

  • Release date: 07/13/2022
  • Price: €50.99 until July 13 (otherwise €59.99)


Highlighted at gamescom 2021, Loopmancer is a futuristic game that takes us to the infamous streets of Dragon City in 2046. An unfortunate event has just happened: a famous journalist has disappeared. As a detective, Xiang Zixu (our protagonist) must lead the investigation. And the least we can say is that the latter will not be easy. On the trail of this journalist, many fights await you. You will have to show strength and good reflexes if you want to overcome the seven horizontal scrolling levels offered in the game. Note that Loopmancer is a roguelite. Dying will therefore be normal and you will have to go through each level many times, always with some small differences.

  • Release date: 07/14/2022

Eyes in the Dark

Tired of color games? Do you miss the days of good old black and white movies? Eyes in the Dark may be for you. This 2D platformer is indeed entirely in black and white. You play as the young Victoria Bloom who goes to the family mansion to find her grandfather Victor. But as soon as she enters the residence, no one is there and the darkness seems to have taken control. Using your flashlight, your slingshot and other small weapons, you will have to clean up by destroying the monsters that have taken over the mansion. To have a chance of saving your grandfather, you will also need to be smart about combining different objects. Attention, it is better not to be afraid of the dark!

  • Release date: 07/14/2022
  • Price: €14.99

Immortal Tactics: War of the Eternals

We end with a game that will not speak to everyone, but which is likely to delight insiders of strategy games wishing to find an old-fashioned experience. Immortal Tactics: War of the Eternals does not really look recent, and yet it is this week that it will be released for the first time. But despite its very retro pixel art, Immortal Tactics offers a certain freshness, by combining elements of roguelite and, above all, a new way of thinking about the turn-based strategy game. With its redesigned action phases, the title of Kenisoft Game Studio seeks to stand out. An approach that could well interest fans of the genre.

  • Release date: 07/15/2022

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