Elle achète un jean en ligne et fait une horrible découverte dans la poche...

She buys jeans online and makes a horrible discovery in the pocket…

Shopping online has become a common practice these days. We can buy almost everything on the internet, be it food, kitchen utensils, clothes and many more. However, shopping on the web involves certain risks. We may receive something other than what we ordered. However, what this woman received is even worse. She made the most unexpected discovery in the pocket of jeans she bought on the Web.

A horrible discovery!

Christine Evans is a fan of online shopping. One day, while browsing the Nordstrom site where she used to shop, she discovered a pair of jeans. She loved it and ordered it. When she received the package, she was surprised to feel something in the latter’s right pocket. She searched it and couldn’t believe what she saw in there. It was a used thong!

Disgusted and angry, the young woman wanted to alert the company. She took to Twitter and made a post explaining that she was appalled by the company. She had been loyal to the brand for several years and felt horrified to discover a dirty and worn thong in her pocket. Fortunately, the brand did not wait long and responded to the young woman’s request.

Source: Facebook screenshot

The company apologized to Christine Evans and asked for more details about the article. A few days later, the seller sent the young woman new jeans as an apology. However, Christine was not the only one to have had a bad experience following the purchase of jeans on the Internet.

Pants twice as long as normal

George Riggall, an Englishman who lives in Leicester, also had his share of surprise after making a mail-order purchase. Wanting to have jeans, the young man decided to order pants on the Asos online sales site. Hoping to get some good jeans, the young man was amazed once he received his package. This time there was nothing in the pocket, but the problem was the waist.

Indeed, instead of receiving jeans at his waist, which is 80 cm, the young man had pants that measure 1.10 m! Yes, long pants, twice as long as we are used to seeing. Surprised, but at the same time amused, the Englishman decided to take a picture of himself and shared it on social networks. It received 60,000 Likes on Twitter and many people shared the snap. However, he complained to Asos and got a refund.

Source: Facebook screenshot

In both cases, buyers were amazed by the packages they received. This time, it was the offer of a saleswoman on the Internet that surprised Internet users.

She puts her house up for sale and offers her hand as a bonus

You can see everything on the Internet, especially on online sales! Indeed, Wina Lia, a widow who lives in Indonesia has decided to put her house up for sale, but not only… She also sells her hand to anyone who is ready to buy her home.

When she was 40 years old, in 2015, this woman approached a real estate agency. And this, in order to sell his house located on the island of Java for the price of 71,000 euros. With as a bonus, his hand and his two children. This offer immediately caused controversy on social networks. Indeed, many people thought it was just to create buzz.

However, the 40-year-old reassured people through AFP that it was true. Nevertheless, she instructed the realtor to make the offer only to potentially eligible people. We wonder today if Lia was able to find a good buyer who accepted the offer that goes with the house!

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