She wins at 16 2 million euros now and lives on social assistance

She wins at 16 2 million euros now and lives on social assistance

What would you do at the moment if you won two million euros? Many of you will immediately think of the realization of your professional projects. A rule that did not however apply to Callie, this young British 16 year old who had pocketed the packtole of two million euros. The latter had indeed admitted to living today on social assistance, whereas a few years ago she was a millionaire. A difficult situation to understand for all those who had heard of this story. She thus explained herself about what could well have happened.

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16 years old at the time of pocketing the kitty, Callie Rogers probably did not have the adequate maturity for the management of such a financial heritage. She would then have given huge sums of money to people who had approached her only for her fortune. The young woman would also have spent part of her money on parties and drugs. This, even if she had admitted not to take drugs systematically. According to her, it was every weekend but it was enough to squander her huge British Lotto jackpot.

Now 35, Callie Rogers says she learned from her mistakes. She does not regret having had this experience because it would have helped to forge her current character. Having spent everything on futilities will in any case have enabled him to distinguish what is essential in a life.

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