The Princess on Disney+: Internet users are on fire for this feminine John Wick - Actus Ciné

The Princess on Disney+: Internet users are on fire for this feminine John Wick – Actus Ciné

Available on Disney+ since July 1, the action film The Princess was quick to find its audience by revisiting, in a very muscular way, the myth of the Disney fairy tale princess.

Disney+ is having fun playing with its family business image by releasing a film that dismantles – literally – all the clichés around the fairy tale princess. In The Princess, of course, we don’t know the heroine’s first name and she is locked up at the top of a tower, but apart from that, the princess in question (Joey King, stunning) takes special care to make anyone understand crosses his path that he will end up in a bad state.

Because she doesn’t need a prince to deliver her. On the contrary, the prince who covets her (Dominic Cooper) is just a bully with psychopathic tendencies who wants to marry her simply to obtain his father’s crown. And she will make him bitterly regret having imprisoned his parents, his sister and his mistress of arms. Like a video game, she will put a rouste to her adversaries in a film whose atmosphere is similar to the meeting between John Wick and Sleeping Beauty.

The rebellious character of the heroine and the muscular action scenes – in which she performs arduous stunts and masters hand-to-hand combat – seduced Internet users who ignited on the web.

I had a great time watching The Princess with Joey King on Disney Plus last night. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

THE PRINCESS delivers! The jokes ring a little off, but it’s a welcome surprise in the rough martial arts movie genre. It’s an extremely solid film and makes a strong argument for Joey King to get more action roles. Too bad Disney didn’t release it in theaters; it would have worked well with a crowd around.

The Princess is like John Wick in a castle, swords instead of guns, and it’s 90 minutes of pure action. It’s also clear and impressive that Joey King did a lot of his stunts, because the fight sequences aren’t chopped up into a million disjointed frames.

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