the public beta is here, how to install it on iPhone and iPad?

the public beta is here, how to install it on iPhone and iPad?

Apple has deployed the public beta of its future operating system iOS 16 as well as its counterpart for iPad. Before embarking on the installation of a non-definitive version, here are some tips to do it serenely.

iOS 16 lockscreen
iOS 16 is available in public beta // Source: Apple

Unveiled at the last WWDC 2022, the future iOS 16 operating system for iPhone and iPod arrives in public beta, a few weeks after being launched for developers. Its iPadOS 16 counterpart is also available on the brand’s touchscreen tablets.

If you want to try the adventure before the official launch at the start of the school year, here is everything you need to know to ensure that the experience goes smoothly.

How do I install the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 public beta?

The method does not change. You must register for the public beta program from Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Click on Register then follow the instructions. If you’ve participated in betas before, tap Sign In and fill in your Apple ID account credentials.

Choose the OS you want to install (iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 depending on your device, or macOS Ventura, tvOS 16, watchOS 9 or even HomePod Software 16) and save the destination device.

beta ios 16 iphone backup
Source: Apple

You just have to follow the procedure that is displayed. To start with backup your device for safety to prevent important data from being lost in the migration and you can never recover it again. This is the safest step to take and the highest priority in order to install the beta.

After making sure that your iPhone or iPad has enough battery, you can finally proceed to download the beta. It starts with installing a beta profile. Download the profile which will then appear in Settings at the top or in the General tab, then Profile. Click on the profile to finish installing it.

Restart your iPhone or iPad as requested. Once the device has restarted, go to Settings > General > Software Update. You should see the offer to install the public beta version of iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.

It is also possible to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac to download iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 from the Apple Beta Program page. Download the desired software, connect your device. Then open Finder to find your iPhone or iPad. You just have to click on the Option key, then Check for updates to install iOS 16 in beta that you have previously downloaded.

What’s new for iOS 16?

The most visible novelty will concern the redesign of lock screen. It becomes more customizable, with the possibility of adding filters to its wallpaper, but also its font or the color of writing. You can also add widgets and, importantly, notifications move to the bottom of the screen for better visibility (and easier one-handed, fingertip management).

iMessage will allow the editing of messages to correct errors, to recall it before your recipient has read it or to put it back in “unread”. Apple’s messaging app also hosts the SharePlay function to share videos, watch a movie together or view a page simultaneously with friends.

WWDC 2022 iMessages
SharePlay in Message and the possibility of modifying the status of its messages in the App // Source: Apple

The other function that should amuse the greatest number is the possibility of extracting an element from a photo by erasing the background to better share it.

ios 16 remove background
The functionality of removing the subject from the background of the image, then sending it wherever you want // Source: Apple

Auto-generated captions are also in sight to help deaf and hard-of-hearing users. However, this will only be reserved for iPhone 11 and later.

Apple accessibility direct subtitle live captions
Live captions are finally coming to Apple // Source: Apple

It is also the whole system of text recognition by the camera which is improving on the iPhone with the selection in one click of texts detected (Live Text function) in the photos and now in the videos which you can then copy anywhere. Later, there will also be door detection for the visually impaired and blind with reading of the written text.

Emails are enriched with collaboration tools just like Safari or your discussion groups. You will be able to better identify your friends or colleagues who work with you, open tabs that you have recommended or collaborate on documents.

WWDC 22 ios 16 Apple collaboration
Source: Apple

And also… You will be able to more easily uninstall the Apple applications that were still resisting, but also bypass the CAPTCHAS that want to know if you are a robot or not. The Concentration mode is enriched and becomes easier to configure or the identity card will finally be able to be added to Wallet even in France.

iOS 16 WWDC 2022 Apple
The summary of the new features of iOS 16 // Source: Apple

On the iPadOS 16 side, the big news comes from the addition of Stage Manager which will allow you a new multi-window with different possibilities for grouping apps, but only on the iPad Pro M1 and iPad Air M1. Using a second screen will also become easier.

WWDC 2022 ipad 16
The summary of what’s new in iPadOS 16 // Source: Apple

Which iPhones and iPads are compatible?

Compared to the update for iOS 15, the iPhone list has narrowed. Exit the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and 7/7 Plus which had been able to take advantage of the latest version. They will not be entitled to iOS 16. The iPod Touch (7th gen) also leaves the list. After being officially removed from the Apple catalog after more than 20 years of loyal service, it will not benefit from the next version.

Regarding iPads compatible with iPadOS 16, we note the discontinuation of updates for the iPad Air 2nd gen and the iPad mini 4th gen:

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