The singer is "still recovering" says his wife

The singer is “still recovering” says his wife

Like many French people, Daniel Lévi faces the test of illness. In 2019, the singer had discovered that he had colon cancer diagnosed late. Although quite modest about his illness, the one who revealed himself in the musical The ten Commandments for having played the role of Moses, had however given his news last February, to our colleagues from Gala. “I treated myself, I’m taking care of myself. The disease is stable. I’m stopping the chemo which tired me out. I’m going to start an immunotherapy protocol to boost my immune system. And I’m targeting the things that are wrong. The lungs. That’s why I cough a little”, he revealed. A few weeks after this interview, Daniel Lévi had however had to be hospitalized urgently following complications arising from his illness.

This Monday, July 11, his wife, Sandrine Aboukrat-Lévi, therefore decided to give some news to fans of her husband. “Dear friends, after a long absence please forgive my silence. My priority was to be with my husband”she explained in the preamble. “Today still recovering and well we are moving forward for the best. Know that he misses you terribly and that with the help of D… he will find you very quickly on stage and in great shape BH”, she continued. She also wanted to pay tribute to the staff who take care of her husband. “Thank you to all the hospital service of the European Hospital, thank you to all the doctors for their unfailing dedication, thank you to all of you for all your prayers and we continue”, she added. Several personalities such as Valérie Benaïm, Raphaël Mezrahi or even Pascal Obispo commented on the publication of Sandrine Aboukrat-Lévi to support her husband.



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