the singer shares a first photo of his son and reveals his first name

the singer shares a first photo of his son and reveals his first name

On his Instagram account, Amir unveiled an absolutely sublime first photo of his little boy born at the beginning of July. He took the opportunity to reveal his first name.

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Amir and his wife Lital Haddad had a nice surprise for TF1 viewers by singing a duet, Retinathe hit of the singer on the stage of The song of the year. This was their first joint television appearance. The title had also won the competition to the delight of the two lovers. The young woman, who was expecting her second child, had revealed her baby bump. Already parents of a little Mikhaël, the two lovers welcomed their second child on July 3. “He was born at 1:45 p.m., a magnificent little prince. Mum was majestic in courage. She and baby are fine, and my heart is melting. Thank you life”, then wrote the absolutely satisfied dad on his Instagram account.

A little word that means light

Too busy to pamper, the singer had not yet unveiled a photo of the newcomer. This Monday, July 11, he chose to share one on his Instagram account to the delight of his followers. He revealed in passing the first name full of meaning of the little boy. “Your name is Gold… This little word which means ‘Light’ in the language of my ancestors”he writes in illustration of an adorable photo of the little end, which he holds tenderly against him. “I don’t know if it’s your beautiful face or if you were just chosen for a role, but this name suits you very well my son”, continues the singer with a hint of poetry. This publication immediately melted its subscribers, who congratulated the parents for this lovely choice of first name.. “This photo is just beautiful”, “What a beautiful first name, long live this little wonder who is joining the family of her dreams”, “Oh what a beautiful photo 😍😍 pretty first name”one could read among the comments of the post.

Amir can count on the unconditional support of his wife

Amir, who had asked his girlfriend to marry him in a rather unusual place, had confided that she had made a huge sacrifice for him. “She went so far as to change countries for me,” he explained thus. “She didn’t speak French. Like everyone else, she might have preferred to evolve in the country where she had studied, and whose language she spoke. This choice to start from scratch is extremely courageous. She made a real sacrifice. She knows that I don’t forget”he added.

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