This winner of The Voice could join season 12

This winner of The Voice could join season 12

The rumors concerning the cast of season 12 of DALS continue… Last week we learned according to information from our colleagues from the magazine Closer, that the actress Emma Smet has already agreed to tread the dancefloor of the front page , along with 80s singer Julie Pietri and actor François-Xavier Demaison. For its part, the public magazine unveiled its list of potential candidates including: the ex-Miss France Amandine Petit, the adventurer of Koh-Lanta Clémence Castel, the star of the 90s Billy Crawford, the singer Anggun, the judo champion David Douillet, the candidate of The Voice Kids Carla Lazzari or the comedian Az.

Information not confirmed by the production, but communicated by the journalist and columnists in TPMP Clément Garin who made a point of specifying on his Twitter account: “ a TF1 executive told Public that the seven names of DALS candidates that I sold them were good. Sorry to those who assured me that Amandine Petit wouldn’t be there And see you at 6 p.m. for an 8th name… »

Indeed, the latter has since revealed that an ex-candidate of The Voice should integrate the cast of season 12. This is Anne Sila. Revealed in 2015 in the fourth edition of the telecrochet, the young woman had climbed to the final in Team Florent Pagny. Since then the singer has not been idle since she has released two albums, played in the series Falconon TF1, and in the musical Jesus, by Pascal Obispo. In 2019, Anne Sila was also chosen to double the character of Nala, in the reboot of the film The Lion King. Viewers were able to find her in 2021, during the All-Star edition of The Voice, of which she is the winner. A nice course for Anne Sila, who if information from Clément Garin is confirmed, could well continue on the floor of Dancing with the stars. Case to follow!



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