Thor 4: best start to the Marvel saga at the American box office for Love and Thunder?  - Cinema news

Thor 4: best start to the Marvel saga at the American box office for Love and Thunder? – Cinema news

Thor stronger than… himself! Released this Friday July 8 in the United States, “Love and Thunder” starts stronger than “Ragnarok”, and signs the best score of the saga carried by Chris Hemsworth in the matter.


The American box office is in Thor! As usual, the new baby from Marvel Studios took control for the weekend of its release. And Love and Thunder did not go into detail: with receipts estimated at 143 million dollars, Taika Waititi’s film is making the biggest start to an opus in the saga carried by Chris Hemsworth, ahead of Ragnarok.

After Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (which remains in the weekly Top 10, despite its availability on Disney+ across the Atlantic), Thor – Love and Thunder is the third MCU film in a row that manages to start stronger than its predecessor. Which, in times of a pandemic and less popular venues, can be a source of optimism, even if the increase in ticket price is to be taken into account.

Leader of the box office, Thor has obviously struck down the competition. To start with Minions 2, whose reign lasted only one weekend. Despite a big drop in its receipts (- 57.4% compared to the previous week), the latest born from Illumination studios garners just over 45 million additional greenbacks, which already allows it to cross the threshold. of 200 in the United States.

At present, the 336 of the first opus (which had exceeded one billion in the world) still seems far away, but who knows what summer has in store for us? Quite far behind, but still in good shape, Top Gun Maverick never ceases to panic the counters. Not content with being the biggest hit of Tom Cruise’s career, Joseph Kosinski’s film is today the twelfth biggest hit in history on American soil, and it could still gain a few places in the days and coming weeks.

Worldwide, the feature film is now the twenty-second biggest hit of all time, ahead of The Minions and behind Iron Man 3, which it should succeed in supplanting. And the symbol would be all the stronger since Tom Cruise had long been expected to play Tony Stark, before the project changed hands and was finally carried by Robert Downey Jr.

In the rest of the ranking, Jurassic World – The World After shouldn’t do as well as the previous two episodes. But its score is far from dishonorable, in the United States as in the rest of the world, where it should end its race beyond the 900 million mark, failing to reach the billion.

And note the very good behavior ofElvis which in three weeks has now grossed $91 million (on a budget of 85) and is holding strong in the top 5 where he is the only member not to be a sequel. While the weather may not always be good in theaters around the world, there are still reasons to rejoice a little.

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