Twitch: Amouranth in PLS facing the audiences of a FR streamer

Twitch: Amouranth in PLS facing the audiences of a FR streamer

In the field of gaming and more specifically that of streamers and streamers, there is really something for everyone. Recently, and in view of the success experienced by young women like Amouranththe giant Twitch has decided to integrate the category “hot tub“, bringing back thousands and thousands of viewers.

If the American named above has found her audience there, it seems that she is no longer really the only one to sit in first place since, in fact, last Sunday, French streamer DamDam has overtaken Amouranth in terms of viewers.

DamDam is ahead of Amouranth, long live France!

Who said our streamers don’t have talent? Certainly not us! Remember, during the last edition of ZEvent, DamDam had made its Donation Goal list with, in this one, a live IRL Hot Tub, and all in the company of our MoMaNus. Well according to the figures, we have to believe that this stream was eagerly awaited by its community but also by some curious people since, thanks to a tweet, we learned that DamDam was indeed ahead of the superstar Amouranth, with no less than 14.3 k viewers for her against “only 11 k” for the young American.

Note, let’s be clear: the DamDam stream was obviously mocked and especially allowed to discover more about MoMaNus but also about our charming host. Like a real Hot Tub streamer, DamDam had provided the small board and its few markers to write the names of its third-party subs, but also very special places reserved for the biggest donors (RIP MoMaN’s hairless skull!). The evening took place in several parts, with one that will go down in history: a somewhat special ASMR session.

As we told you, if this evening was under the sign of humor, we were still able to learn more about DamDam, and the young woman did not hesitate to make a few confessions about her career, but also about this that she may have felt at certain times and about what she still feels today. DamDam has indeed admitted that in recent days, after a break of a few months, she feels alive and fully enjoys her life and loves the streams she offers to her community.. According to her, she would have been unable a year ago to do such a live in a jaccuzi and in a bikini.

Otherwise, if MoMaNus was the main guest, we also had the right to cocktails from Poka, and the presence of ZeratoR and Mistermv at the end of the show. For the rest of his career, we can only wish DamDam the best, and a lot of success.


This week promises to be a bit special on the Twitch MGG channel. The holidays are coming and the summer break is just around the corner. For this last week of the season, we will have the right to the grand finale, in physics, of the TFT Series by MGG.

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