Musilac affiche un déficit de 1,2 millions d'euros suite à cette édition 2022 d'après son cofondateur Rémi Perrier.

“We have never had such a deficit, we may not be there next year”

The organizer and co-founder of the Musilac festival in Aix-les-Bains, Savoie, is sounding the alarm. The 20th edition ended this Sunday July 10 and it could be the last according to Rémi Perrier. After two blank years due to the Covid, Savoy’s flagship musical festival returned this summer with an extra day, more than 70 groups and artists on the shores of Lake Bourget. But now, the spectators were not numerous enough to absorb the expenses of the festival, which could well disappear.

80,000 paid admissions in 2022

Nearly 80,000 tickets were sold during this 2022 edition.”This is far from the objectives that allowed us to cover the logistical and artistic expenses of this festival over five days, we needed 100,000 tickets sold” explains Rémi Perrier. “We’re not the only ones, it’s been a catastrophic summer for festivals, with a few exceptions, these two years without a festival with the covid have necessarily had consequences“says the co-founder of Musilac.

We are very little supported by the public authorities, apart from the town hall of Aix-les-Bains, we are not helped, it is really insufficient“adds Rémi Perrier.

1.2 million deficit

We’ve never had such a deficit, we’re talking about a 1.2 million euro deficit, it’s colossal” adds the co-founder of Musilac. “We are private, we don’t have money from a large financial group, it’s very complicated“.”It’s a funny anniversary, I’m unable to announce the dates for the 2023 edition, we have to see how we can try to get out of it, if we manage”.

I’m not saying this to blackmail or put pressure but really we don’t know if Musilac will be there next year“concludes Rémi Perrier.

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