what are the most reliable brands?

what are the most reliable brands?

The durability of the products offered by a smartphone brand is an important criterion to consider before choosing a model. We take stock of the most reliable manufacturers in this field.

We often choose our smartphone according to its price and its technical characteristics, but rarely according to its reliability and its durability, often for lack of information on these subjects. We now have a few more objective elements to analyze thanks to the after-sales service barometer carried out each year by the Fnac Darty group.

Three criteria for determining the durability of products

To establish its ranking of the most sustainable brands, Fnac Darty has defined three important criteria: the length of availability of spare parts, the repairability of devices and their reliability. These three criteria are studied to define a sustainability score (out of 200).

Let’s start with the repairability score. It is calculated from the repair rate (ratio between repaired and exchanged devices) to which is added the duration of availability of spare parts. A more precise calculation than that of the repairability index.

For its part, the reliability score is obtained by dividing the number of devices repaired and exchanged by the Darty after-sales service (excluding repairs without parts) by the number of devices that still benefit from the 2-year legal guarantee of conformity. Finally, the sustainability score is simply calculated by averaging the previous scores.

In total, this represents 721,000 Darty after-sales service interventions on 76 types of devices (not just smartphones) between August 2020 and July 2021. To supplement the data from its barometer, the brand also questioned 41,000 customers of its customers. between July 5 and August 27, 2021 to understand under what circumstances they had to replace their products.

The most durable phone brands

At the top of the ranking of the most durable smartphones, we find Apple with an overall score of 137 points, well helped by the 5 years of availability of spare parts. Same observation for Samsung which comes second in the ranking with 136 points. The reliability score is however the second worst in the ranking after Nokia (times change). But the Korean manufacturer is making up for it with spare parts available for 7 years. On this point, the brand is far ahead of the competition.

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The third step of the podium is occupied by Huawei, followed by Honor which stands out by having the highest reliability score, but only 98 points in repairability. Follow Oppo, Xiaomi, Wiko, Nokia and Logicom which brings up the rear.

The two most reliable smartphone brands in this ranking are therefore Honor and Huawei. The two most durable phone brands, on the other hand, are Apple and Samsung. Two manufacturers who are also at the top of the ranking of the largest smartphone suppliers in the first quarter of 2022.

We also learn in the barometer that the duration of use of a replaced smartphone is 4 years. A higher figure than that noted by Arcep in its inventory of the lifespan of smartphones.

On the other hand, no mention is made of the software update policy which also plays a role in the replacement of a smartphone. In this little game, Apple wins hands down with at least 6 years of major iOS updates, compared to four years for Samsung’s high-end models. For its part, Germany claims 7 years of updating for our smartphones.

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