Le fils cadet de LeBron James, Bryce, a dernièrement fait l'objet d'une révélation choquante au sujet de sa taille

15-year-old Bryce James’ true viral height revealed!

BallIsLife / qwik11hoops (DR)

Bryce Maximus James is a small phenomenon on social networks, in particular because of his athletic profile. Its official size has just been unveiled on Twitter, and without much surprise, it has caused chaos among Internet users. It must be said that it is madness.

If Bronny is going to make his NBA debut from 2024, in all likelihood he might not be the last member of the family. LeBron James to integrate the big league in the years to come. Indeed, the youngest son Bryce Maximus also has great potential on the court, and he is starting to show it more and more on the Sierra Canyon side. More recently, he demonstrated all his qualities in the clutch in front of his older brotherwinning his own.

On a technical level, it is therefore already not all bad for the young boy, aged 15. Nevertheless, it is not so much his talent that panics the scouts but his physique. It turns out that he is on his way to becoming a real athletic freak, even more so than his father himself. Not long ago, a photo of the two had set the internet on fire, the man already appearing almost as tall as the King. As a surfer recently revealed, we now know its official size:

At 15, Bryce James already very close to 2 meters!

1m98? Oh shit

First you have to sit down and digest the information. Barely 15 years old. Nearly two meters under the fathom. Clearly, Bryce is a giant in the making, with many more years ahead of him to continue growing. It would not be surprising if he reached 2m10 one day, as an adult! The prospects are really delusional, perhaps even more so than for his brother. On the fan side, we were logically stunned by this major revelation (literally):

Nah but the hell, what do these young people eat?

Meeerde, if he has even half the talent of his father, he will be All-Star…

While he is still far from having passed adolescence, Bryce Maximus James already displays measurements worthy of an NBA athlete. If he keeps pushing, who knows where his ceiling will be, both physically and in terms of potential…

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