attacked on her physique, she responds to “gratuitous and nasty” comments

attacked on her physique, she responds to “gratuitous and nasty” comments

This Monday, July 25 M6 launched the new format Who can beat us? an entertainment in which the public faced five experts from M6 during a general culture quiz in order to win a tidy sum of money. Among the personalities were: Mac Lesggy, Cristina Cordula, Philippe Etchebest, Eric Antoine, Marie Portolano and Hélène Ségara. Following the broadcast of the show, the latter was the target of odious criticism on her physique. “Helene Segara is unrecognizable. She abused plastic surgery a little too much, I think. Too bad she was so pretty”, “I’m shocked Hélène Segara too much botox, too much surgery, her face is frozen”, “WTF Hélène Segara puffy face“, can we read among other things on Twitter. Hurtful comments for the star, who is actually suffering from a rare disease, and has been under cortisone for months. A heavy treatment which has affected her appearance.

Annoyed, the 51-year-old singer decided to dot the i’s, posting a message on Instagram: “Obviously, and as I expected, comments about me on social media are gratuitous and mean” deplores Hélène before adding : “It’s true one year of heavy treatments changed me and gave me a lot of complexes. Unfortunately, I can’t help it. Apart from fighting to keep smiling… Thank you to all those who know and come to defend me“.

Indeed the interpreter of “There are too many people who love you” was able to count on the support of his fans, who wanted to denounce the bashing of which the singer was the victim last night: “I see that no one is responsible and mature enough to stop judging the physical condition of a public figure. Learn to understand the hardships and put yourself in the place of those who go through them”, “I like to criticize but criticism of Hélène Segara’s physique it’s childish“.”Why so much hate for the cutest person in the world?!? What about treatments for stupidity and wickedness?“That is what is said!



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