Bixente Lizarazu: His nightmarish vacation with Guillaume Canet, a testicle in question

Bixente Lizarazu: His nightmarish vacation with Guillaume Canet, a testicle in question

Holidays with friends are a good idea on paper. But sometimes things take a turn for the worse. It is not Guillaume Canet who will say the opposite. While visiting his friend Bixente Lizarazu in the Basque Country, after filming in the film Do not tell anyone in 2006, the actor lived a real nightmare … particularly painful. It was not a particularly intense football match, a surfing trip or any sporting effort that caused this suffering, but a small insect who had decided to spend time, too, with the former member of the French team.

It was in the radio program of Bixente Lizarazu, broadcast on France Bleu in 2021, that Guillaume Canet evoked this terrible memory. After a few hours of vacation, at nightfall, the actor was actually bitten in the groin by a vile spider called the Spanish tarantula. “I get stung on both sides actually. And there, in the morning, I tell him ‘Oh that hurts!‘”, he recalls. Not very worried when he saw the marks on his skin, the footballer assured that it was certainly a minor injury. Except that two days later, the companion of Marion Cotillard had to go to a medical establishment.

The stings are starting to get a little ugly

“LThe bites are starting to get a little, a little not beautiful. And then it gets infected, specifies the father of Louise and Marcel. My left testicle had become as big as the blue France microphone, and blue like that!” It is undoubtedly the worst summer season that Guillaume Canet has spent in his life. Rather than enjoying the Basque Country in due form, he suffered a month “total depression“, alone and left to himself, “without a friend” to come and visit him at the Pompidou hospital, everyone having gone on vacation. It is often said that the little beast will not eat the big one, but that is to forget that it can, all the same, make him very very bad…

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